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There are so many authors on Movellas who deserve more reconition. Highlighted Authors is the best place to find all that information! Elizabeth Hale, Lia-Loves-Cookies, and Cecilia Swan will review some Movella favorites, as well as some underdogs. :D If you know an author on Movellas you want to be shown here, just leave it in the comments!


22. CiaraNewYork

Today's author isn't a very active and famous, but is a great one: 



CiaraNewYork was a movellian since February 11, 2012. Since then she has published 3 movellas on this site. Today, I'd like to do a little review on one of them: First Day in Forever.

This is what the author writes for the resume:"Amy has always dreamt of being prom queen, but not being part of the popular group hasn't helped her. Neither has not being able to get a date, when she really wants Lucas, her crush, to ask her. When her best friends suggests a blind date, Amy decides to take the plunge, but will it all work out?"

I'll write a little more. Amy meets a boy called Logan at the date. Logan seems to fall for Amy and she has a great time with him as well. Amy and Logan decide to go to prom together. Then the trouble happens. Lucas, Amy's forever crush, asks her to prom. Amy ponders upon it and finally, she decides to go with Lucas-- in other words, ditch Logan. She breaks Logan's heart by telling him the truth, and prom comes up soon. Amy has wonderful days at school with her crush seeming to love her as well, but here's the twist: what if it all was a simple joke? Although many readers ask for more, CiaraNewYork doesn't write any more. i don't think she updates a lot nowadays, but I do think that her books are worth reading. Definitely, check out "First Day in Forever", and check some others out as well!   (Oh, and so sorry about my missing entry last week. Private issues.)   Cecilia Swan<3
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