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There are so many authors on Movellas who deserve more reconition. Highlighted Authors is the best place to find all that information! Elizabeth Hale, Lia-Loves-Cookies, and Cecilia Swan will review some Movella favorites, as well as some underdogs. :D If you know an author on Movellas you want to be shown here, just leave it in the comments!


2. Chetna

     As requested by several people in the comments section below, Chetna is this week's Highlighted Author! Chetna had been a member of Movellas since October 16, 2011, but didn't publish her first Movella until March 24, 2012. This Movella, Mask, was a winner of the Fashion Competition. Mask is a simplistic tale of a model life, which proves to be not as glamourous as social media reveals it to be. Yet, this story gives off a deeper meaning through the description of the model, the main character. The depth is clear given by the story the model tells through her own eyes as she explains the highs modeling may have, but the majority seems to be sacrifice. The title, Mask, was a genius move by Chetna, giving the title a metaphoric meanings. 

     As told by her mini-biography, Chetna not only enjoys writing, but also loves all kinds of music. She is also an an avid reader, her favorite author being J.K. Rowling. By now, she has published nine Movellas and will hopefully continue to do so.  Chetna's most popular (decided by combined likes and favorites) Movella is Two-Faced, but just behind them The Bully and the Bullied, Always and Forever, and I Will Be Stronger. 

     I will be back next week with another fabulous Highlighted Author! Be sure to give Chetna's work some love with your likes and comments of you haven't already done so. :)

Until next week, Elizabeth Hale
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