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There are so many authors on Movellas who deserve more reconition. Highlighted Authors is the best place to find all that information! Elizabeth Hale, Lia-Loves-Cookies, and Cecilia Swan will review some Movella favorites, as well as some underdogs. :D If you know an author on Movellas you want to be shown here, just leave it in the comments!


24. AutumnFyre

Today's author, reviewed by Cecilia, is AutumnFyre!

AutumnFyre was a Movellian since the 4th of March, 2012. She introduces herself like this: 'Hello fellow movellians! I love writing stories and poems - I hope you like them as much as I enjoy writing them! :D My dream is to become a successful writer. I am such a bookworm and constantly have my nose stuck in a book! I am on movellas all the time, even when I am supposed to be doing homework...but writing + reading can't wait! My hobbies also include: drawing, photography, reading, listening to music + cooking! “Time goes by quickly, so waste your time wisely" '.  She has published 9 movellas so far, and today I'll do a quick review on "Titanic: 100 years of Mystery".

"Titanic: 100 years of Mystery" is an entry for the diary competition. AutumnFyre has written a diary of a person who had survived on the Titanic. It's a short movella, which has only one chapter with multiple entries, but it's strong. AutumnFyre shows how much research she has done and captures the moment of the accident quite beautifully in the piece. This piece has 48 likes and 35 favorites-- proving that it is worth a read. Why not try it out now?


-Cecilia Swan.

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