The Splintered Nobody

A story about bullying from both points of view the bullies and victims.For bullying competition.By the way Don't bully someone even if you were bullied its a horrible life for anybody who is.


7. Tia

I knew what Luc said was right.I dressed into my pink sweater and skirt and walked into school.I spotted Damien chatting to a few girl.I felt a pang of jealousy but tried not to get it hurt me.I walked to Damien and told Damien i had to chat to him.I told him how much i liked him and that if he didn't like me it was OK.Just that i told him i would never hurt anyone.I was going to kiss him when a ball hit my head.I saw a boy walking slowly.

I knew what he was expecting me to hurt him.I smiled and politely returned the ball.He murmured a thanks and ran off expecting me to hurt him any minute.Damien smiled at me and gave me a hug.I knew i was the luckiest girl ever.

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