The Splintered Nobody

A story about bullying from both points of view the bullies and victims.For bullying competition.By the way Don't bully someone even if you were bullied its a horrible life for anybody who is.


4. Tia

What happend today oh yeah Luc my idiot step brother took my pack lunch and brought it in p.e.Just when i was staring at Damien this hot boy.All the girls were whispering about him like who was he and wasn't he fit.Damien winked at me.Luc waved at Damien.Damien waved back at Luc.I didn't know Luc knew Damien i better find out.

Maybe i should stop pestering my brother.Damien smiled at me and told me i had a nice brother i nodded like a fool.I couldn't believe i acted like that.I knew Luc knew i liked Damien i couldn't believe i'm saying this but i am thankful to him.

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