The Splintered Nobody

A story about bullying from both points of view the bullies and victims.For bullying competition.By the way Don't bully someone even if you were bullied its a horrible life for anybody who is.


1. Tia

From the day i was born my mother told me:"Look we never wanted a baby we didn't want to throw it out because we would be in prison".I mean how is it my fault i was born it was theirs.I couldn't do anything they could beat me till i was dead but i couldn't do anything.If i even raised a hand i would be beaten again.Nobody wanted me that was the truth.

I walked into school my hand bruised under my pockets.My eyes filled with tears i tried my best to keep the tears from falling me failing as usual. 

"Are you OK"someone asked.I ignored them.

"Do you need help"someone asked.I knew they were just trying to help me but i hated it when someone pretended they liked me and loved me just so they could break my heart and see me upset.I wanted to say i don't need help i just need someone to love me.But instead i kicked them hard on the leg and walked off.I knew they were just trying to help me but i didn't need anyone.

I knew they were crying but i couldn't care to look at them.It was their fault for trying.I didn't need anyone they should know that.

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