The Splintered Nobody

A story about bullying from both points of view the bullies and victims.For bullying competition.By the way Don't bully someone even if you were bullied its a horrible life for anybody who is.


3. Luc

If you look at me you would think i had my life easy.Wrong i may look like a perfect kid.But my life was bad too my parents had divorced.Maybe that seems like a small problem but when they divorced they remarried.I hated going to my mum's house or my dad's.I wanted to go back to our old house were we lived mum,dad and me.I wanted the days we would go holiday together i would hold my parents hand and feel so lucky.

It's not my parents fault but Tia she's a bully at my school.I have her a stepsister.She's the one who broke my parents apart.I hate her i wish she was never born.She thinks she's all perfect and pretty but she's not.I wish she was dead.

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