The Splintered Nobody

A story about bullying from both points of view the bullies and victims.For bullying competition.By the way Don't bully someone even if you were bullied its a horrible life for anybody who is.


2. Damien

If there was a name for me you could call me a pathetic kid maybe a lunatic.But everyone has problems right?Yes so did i my whole life was a problem.When people looked at me they called me Goth just because i have black hair and wear black clothes.The knife i carried was just there in case i couldn't take it.

For a while school was the only place i could be happy and have freedom.But that was before i started high school.I would get top marks for every test and knew every answer for every problem.That  was probably when i was classed as a geek and the bullying started.First it was just name calling then it got worse i was pushed and shoved until one day it had been worse.They all knew i was allergic to nuts.So they made me eat peanut butter sandwich.I began to cough and loose my breath.I could see that they were also getting scared.I was rushed to the hospital

After that day i couldn't take it any more i began to bunk off school.First a few days then weeks until i only went to school rarely.I pulled the knife out of my pocket and drew the blade over my arm.I stared at my blood dripping and smiled in pain.

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