The New Boy

it was a Monday, and this new boy walked over to me, i was sat by some lockers as i had walked out of......


1. Monday Morning

It was Monday and i had just left the care home for school, i have been in care since i was three, i got to school at 8:10 my form tutor had just arrived i went over and offered to help her carry some of the boxes from her car into school, when we got to the classroom i took the keys and unlocked the door, i put the box down on the table and locked the classroom again and went to her office, where she was setting up her laptop, i asked if there was anything else she wanted me to do,she shook her head then said "actually you could show the new boy round later he's in our form" i thought great another boy in our form that's all we need, see i'm the only girl in 10C for some reason, my face must have said what i was thinking as Mrs Edwards then said "don't worry he is new in town as well so you can influence him on who to be friends with and who not be friends with, you can help him pick the right crowd" with a smile on her, i laughed and replied "yer i'll make sure he doesn't go anywhere near Shane" see Shane was my ex and he had a horrible possessiveness thing over me, Mrs Edwards looked at me and said "you didn't tell me about any break up, when did it happen and are you okay" with a worried look on her face, see Shane would hit me if i didn't do what he wanted me too and Mrs Edwards knew as she had seen the bruises on my arms and asked what they were on Friday, i rubbed my lip as that's what i do when i'm stressed or upset and replied "yesterday he slapped me around the face when i didn't get him the right pair of socks" Mrs Edwards replied with a concerned look on her face "you know i should tell someone as i was going to today but as long as you don't have any more dealings with him i suppose i can ignore it but if you two start dating again then i will forward a reason for concern form, i nodded with acceptance, then the bell went and she looked at her watch and it said 8:45 we had been talking for 35 mins, she got up and said "we need to go form" and i replied "i'll carry your laptop for you" so i picked up her laptop and walked with her to form. once in form she asked me to "go and get the new boy" she said "he'll be in Mr Edwards room", see Mr and Mrs Edwards both work in the same school, i replied "okay" and got up and ran to Mr Edwards room and saw this gorgeous guy stood there and i said "you must be the new boy i'm Brookie i've come to get you and take you to form" he turned took off his sunglasses and smiled and said "okay" then Mr Edwards walked in and said "oh Brookie i was told you'd be coming, i see you've met Dom" then he looked at Dom and said "okay Dom i've told you three times already to leave the sunglasses off now they are confiscated you can collect them at the end of the day" Dom kissed his teeth and grinned at me i said "bye sir" and me and Dom walked down to form, he sat down next to me then Mrs Edwards said Dom here's your timetable its the same as yours Brookie which is handy but i want you to show him round today instead of going to your first to lessons then at break come to me in P.E" we nodded then the bell went for first lesson and Mrs Edwards handed me my report.

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