Lost Expression

A young boy finds himself seeing more than life itself when he starts drawing. He sees more than meets the eye and is soon consumed by a bloodthirsty creature who had emerged from his closet after the young boy had drawn him. Now the ravenous blood sick creature is on the hunt again and he is ready to consume another.


1. Open

Tony was a selfish boy, he had short gelled black hair and wore a scruffy track suit everyday. At his local high school, he was a distraction, girls were falling head over heels to reach this boy. Many had tried to fail exams to please him. It wasn't his fault he had stunning beautiful blue crystal eyes he had said and that they should thank his parents for doing a good deed. People had thought he was such a sweetheart to say such a thing but inside he was a daredevil, reeking anarchy on the school premises.

Once Tony had set fire to the toilet rolls in the girls toilets and smashed the windows to get out of the smoky hot room. He was suspended and his parents were devastated that there boy was doing bad. He had pleaded to his parents that he had not done it, and Tony's parents believed him so they had rang the school and protested against his suspension. Tony was a smart boy, though he never used his knowledge when he most needed it. Like tests... Tony would pick up the test paper and doodle I. It, cut it, rip it and use it to send notes to others around.

One night, Tony had started to doodle on his homework, it was quite a spectacular piece, a small ragged spiny winged creature with long black tendrils of hair and a menacing grin. And as he started to drift away from his enthusiastic drawing something grabbed his t-shirt and he jolted awake looking round as he felt cold nails scrape his skin. Shivering he turned to see, but nothing. He relaxed and picked up his pencil when his head snapped backwards and twisted, broken.

The last thing he saw.... His face: menacing grin; cold lifeless eyes; pointed chin and lost expression...
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