The Icarus Project

In an alternate reality, the vampires live.
And they are making a stand. They want the world, and they will take it.

But what will become of the humans?

Are they forever trapped in the Icarus Complex? Bred and eaten like cattle, the humans are getting sick and tired... And then an unfortunate turn of events provides them with the chance they need for a rebellion. The only problem is...

Will they take that chance?


6. v


They were all listening intently. Even the vampires had stopped their aristocratic way of ignoring everything but themselves, and had turned to listen. The tension was building, and the great hall grew silent. 

"Tomorrow, all work will be suspended. A profile of every human has been made. Fifty of you, equal of each gender, will be judged by me and the King. A male and a female who are most like myself and the King will breed, and produce an heir. When the heir is twenty-three, I shall change him. He will then be your new king." The Queen was still smiling, but now there was a glint in her eye, like she was drinking up their expressions. They were stunned, then suddenly Saphina was knocked to the floor, as several of the braver girls created an uproar. Saphina's mind blurred, her head connected with the seat beside her, but Jen grabbed her and pulled her away from the commotion. Rule number one - don't ever get involved in a rebellion, unless you wanted to die slowly and painfully. The ringing in Saphina's ears faded, and she blinked before realising what had happened. 

Two girls laid dead on the floor, their heads ripped from their bodies. The Queen stood before a different girl, apparently the one who had acted first. 

"...You understand the consequences of your actions. Your blood will be drained from your body until you are barely alive, then I will skin you, and pour bleach on your wounds until you die. You will take your last meal from your friend's bodies." The Queen explained calmly, expressionless. Several who were in earshot gagged, and Saphina sat down, weak at the knees. The girl was sobbing, then screaming as two loyal vampires dragged her away. The dead were cleared up quickly, and the Queen returned to her post as quickly as she had left it. Her audience was shaking, people crying who knew the dead, or the one about to be tortured. 

"I hope that was a lesson to you all. I have no qualms with killing or torturing you. Your screams no longer reach my ears. You may eat." 

The tables opened, and the hot, delicious food rose form the kitchens. The hatches closed again, and for a moment no one moved. Then slowly, people began to eat. There was a growl and a squeal as the first vampire began his meal. More humans followed suit, picking at meat and swallowing slick, small vegetables whole. Somehow, Saphina's throat stayed dry even though she drank all she could. Her stomach still felt empty, even when she chewed tasteless chicken. Her mind stayed blank, apart from the relentless thudding of her concussed head. 

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