The Icarus Project

In an alternate reality, the vampires live.
And they are making a stand. They want the world, and they will take it.

But what will become of the humans?

Are they forever trapped in the Icarus Complex? Bred and eaten like cattle, the humans are getting sick and tired... And then an unfortunate turn of events provides them with the chance they need for a rebellion. The only problem is...

Will they take that chance?


5. iv


Jen sat at her dressing table, plucking and preening her already pretty face. Tonight was the Breeding Feast. Several girls and boys would sit with the vampires, self sacrifice for sexual pleasure or otherwise. Jen however, would be sat with the rest of the humans, and although she had no one specific to impress, the pickings were tomorrow. This was her second year, her first was a stillborn. She had been pushed down the stairs by another girl. They had cut it out of her three months before everyone else gave birth. 

"I'm not sure why, I just find it kinda hot. And I don't have to deal with the birthing shit like you guys." Bee was pampering herself in the bathroom. 

"But I don't want to do either." Saphina sat on the bed, the youngest of the three girls. It was her first breeding year. 

"You'll be fine. Just be fierce, and don't be afraid to hurt them if they even dares to hurt you. Most of the boys were nice last year, but you know how it goes." Jen explained. She started to brush black paint on her eyelashes. "Did you give Han the shopping list?" 

"Yeah." Saph replied. "How come they never do anything if you're on your period on Breeding Day?" 

"I dunno, why so many weird questions? Just go with the flow. Did you make sure my pink shirt was on the list?" Bee called.

"Yes, it was, it was there when I put my stuff on there." Jen replied, looking at Saphina and rolling her eyes. The shopping lists were collected every week. Each person was entitled to two clothing items, two essentials and three food items each time. All the clothing items were plain; the humans chose a colour and then were free to customize it however they liked, with whatever else they had. The food items weren't really needed since they had meals in the hall, but it was nice to have snacks ready for whenever they were hungry.

 Bee walked out of the bathroom and sat next to Jen. Saphina wasn't too interested in making herself look pretty, but she had put on her favourite dress. Jen had put on a short skirt, and Bee's was even shorter. Han would probably tell both the girls off, but he wouldn't bother that much. Jen sighed, and asked Bee to hurry up. 

"It's almost six o'clock, Han will be here in a moment." 

Han was their leader, and a vampire. Last year Bee was permanently attached to him, and when the feast began, several other leaders had watched enviously. She let him bite her twice, and he had taken her name out of the pickings. There always was more girls than boys anyway. Jen had been slightly annoyed that Bee had gotten out of it so easily. 

"Girls!" There as a knock on the door. They all stood, preened themselves a last time, and walked out into the hallway. They fell into line behind the other boys and girls. There was some murmuring from both genders, girls insulting and boys complimenting. Jen was noticed, Bee fussed over, and Saph ignored. 

Once they got to the hall, they all sat at the large tables. The room was hundreds of metres long, and the humans had several floors in the middle. Not many people were here yet, as the official meal didn't start until seven. The Queen just liked it when people turned up early. Garlic bread and water was already on the tables. Hundreds of humans had spent all day preparing, and soon an automated system brought the food from the kitchens up to the tables, through shafts beneath the great hall. Jen picked up some bread and began to eat. They all began to chat animatedly, and Bee left her seat to go to the vampires on the seats at the sides, making her move. She would be back for food later. Technically, this wasn't allowed, but the Queen didn't mind donations. 

Jen looked up to watch her now. She was angrily discussing something with the King, but he seemed distracted. Jen turned her attention back to the table. Several boys were staring at her, and she could see some girls were already making their moves on the humans too. 

It took another half hour for the hall to fill up. The Queen asked for silence. But did she ever ask, really? 

"I thank you all for joining us tonight, we shall begin right away with our King's words..." She introduced.

"Thank you all so much. In the past few years, you have given us more than enough blood. You have sustained us for nearly two centuries. You truly are wonderful creatures." The King seemed drunk, and blood tears were welling up in his eyes. He opened his mouth to say more, but the Queen quickly pushed him back into his chair. Jen looked around, and saw that everyone else was as stupefied as she was. She found it slightly patronizing.

"And now what you have all been waiting months to hear. My announcement... let me tell you, its very exciting." The Queen smiled, and somehow Jen found that more frightening than when she sulked.


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