The Icarus Project

In an alternate reality, the vampires live.
And they are making a stand. They want the world, and they will take it.

But what will become of the humans?

Are they forever trapped in the Icarus Complex? Bred and eaten like cattle, the humans are getting sick and tired... And then an unfortunate turn of events provides them with the chance they need for a rebellion. The only problem is...

Will they take that chance?


4. iii

Queen Vivienne 

The Queen opened the fat, leather-bound book to its first page. She scanned over the words. 

The Icarus Project was an elaborate plan thought up by my darling partner. Simply, she would capture all of the humans she could, put them in a large complex, assign them job roles, then make them breed each year. However, it as not simple at all. 

First, we fought many wars. There were many vampires that didn't agree with our idea. Then, the job was to build the underground complex. This was before any sewage system was used, so we managed well, but it was rather slow work by vampire standards. I drew up the blue prints and made sure everyone was doing their job properly. I had over three hundred years of experience, two hundred of which I had an aspiring interest in architecture and art. We had to build nurseries, bedrooms, and rooms for growing plants and vegetables. We made sure it was completely sustainable, and had many back up plans for when anything went wrong. This planning and building took nearly fifty years, but time was irrelevant to us. After the complex had been built and was perfected, we bought hundreds of supplies. We needed everything for a normal house - times ten thousand. We bought kitchen utensils, candles by the hundreds since there was no electricity then, foods that would last like flour, coffee, sugar, and rye. Then the beds, wardrobes, clothes.... and everything else. This also took several years, and the humans were getting restless on the above. Any human that tried to interfere with our plans was killed, even though they still didn't know about us. Their progression was halted tremendously, and most of them were dying of disease. 

Finally, we took as many living, healthy humans as we could, which incidentally wasn't many. we packed them into the complex, and were very strict with them. We didn't want our years of hard work to be wasted. Over the next few months, we killed every human left on the above. It didn't take long, they were mostly riddled with disease anyway. We could take it in turns, working day and night, since the sun had no real affect on us. All it did was affect our vision a little. Our only real weakness is fire. 

Within a few years, the humans settled into our routine, and accepted the fact that they were ours now. This was for the better, since we eradicated most diseases with vaccines and cleanliness, and completely eradicated war. They could not fight, and thus the race was preserved. It sounds impossible, and I barely believe it myself, but it worked. 

The Queen smirked to herself. Her 'lover' was too soft and personal. Once, he had been strong. He had had power and status. Now, he had a world created by the Queen herself, and the silly little diary he poured his heart into. When he had asked for the book to be made for him by several humans talented in publishing and book repair, she had asked why. 

"To see whether our decision was right. In a few years we should be able to tell. I will either be mad with guilt and grief, or ecstatic and drunk on the blood of virgins." He had shrugged. 

"Vivienne?" He had entered their large quarters, where several humans waited on them. He was distracted by these humans, who flanked him and distracted him. They also had luxurious items like their own bath, four-poster double bed, a player with all the music they could wish for, a TV, basically all the entertainment and comfortableness the humans didn't have, but bigger. The other vampires had some luxury items but not many. Some of the vampires were too busy inventing their own technologies with the equipment made by the machines that the humans look after. 

Vivienne had to stop thinking for a minute. She had not made the work system herself, Ulrik had spent months preparing thirty five different timetables to be given to the humans. Of course, they had different timetables for their ages, children had school most days, and simple work like washing up after meal times, but as they grew older they had more jobs corresponding to their natural talents. There was also and hour of fitness work for everyone each day, using machines invented by a particular vampire several years ago. This also helped to generate electricity. The timetables and extreme organisation made Vivienne's head spin. It was hard for her to understand, even though she was particularly clever. 

She began to flick through the pages of the diary, listening intently for Ulrik. She watched as his handwriting changed from straight and collected to messy and slanted, his day's muses lasting for pages on end. Occasionally there would be a drop of blood from where he spilled his drink, but otherwise it was just ramblings. 

"Vivienne?" Ulrik was calling from the living room now. She slammed the book shut, and began to pretend to look for something. 

"I'm in here." She answered softly, hiding the guilt from her voice perfectly. 

"What's this announcement you're making at the Feast? Everyone seems to know about it but me, but you'd never keep anything from me, since we are lovers." Ulrik closed the door behind him. A closed door meant no interruptions. His fangs glinted, and he licked his teeth. He'd just fed, evidently. 

"Save your sarcasm. We are to have a child."  "I'm not sure I understand."  "Tomorrow, all work will be suspended. We will use the generators. All humans will be tested for qualities, mostly looks, that are similar to ours. The male and female chosen will breed, and once the child has grown to twenty three, I will change him. He will be our son." Vivienne explained. 

"Twenty three... The age I was." Ulrik bit his tongue, literally. He did not approve, but then he did not approve anything his lover did anymore. Are we even lovers, he often wondered. He was convinced that she wondered the same. 

"Yes. I'm trying to keep as much continuity as possible." 

"Continuity, in the Icarus Project? You are full of irony. Now, off with you. Unless you want to snoop around a little more." Ulrik snapped.

"Watch your tongue." Vivienne growled, smiling all the same. She only just noticed they had been circling each other intently, like predator and prey. 

"Trust me, I've been doing all that I can to stop myself from biting it off." Ulrik smirked as the lady left him, although not in the sense he would have liked. 

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