The Icarus Project

In an alternate reality, the vampires live.
And they are making a stand. They want the world, and they will take it.

But what will become of the humans?

Are they forever trapped in the Icarus Complex? Bred and eaten like cattle, the humans are getting sick and tired... And then an unfortunate turn of events provides them with the chance they need for a rebellion. The only problem is...

Will they take that chance?


3. ii

King Ulrik 

The leader sat at the head of the table, watching sullenly as his partner explained the fragile and unrealistic dream. 

"It is simple. We send word to the other covens in the area, and we tell them to forward the message as far as they can. Soon the whole world will know of the plan, at least the vampire world-"

"And what is this plan?" An impatient young vampire named Jen interrupted. Vivienne growled. 

"Learn your place, Jen. Or will I have to teach you?" Ulrik had several effective methods of teaching the youngsters, much like the way most men taught dogs. 

"We take the humans. Cage them up like the animals they are. Then, we breed them each year. Feast on them slowly, whilst keeping them self sustainable. Therefore, making us... self sustainable." Vivienne smiled. The other vampirse looked at each other uncertainly. One by one, they each began to laugh. Vivienne hissed at them, boiling with anger. She did not appreciate being made fun of. 

"Do not mock me!" Vivienne snarled. Ulrik smiled slightly, closing his eyes and leaning his head on his hands. 

"Relax, my love. Let them have their laughs. The undead find little joy in their endless lives." Ulrik reassured her. 

"I am their Queen!" Vivienne growled, pronouncing each word slowly. She stood, and the bloodstained chair fell back, clattering to the stone floor. The youngsters stopped laughing suddenly, uncertainty returning to their minds. 

"And who, pray tell, decided that?" The black haired male named Marc muttered, baring his teeth. 

"Oh, come on. You all follow Ulrik around like puppy dogs. Since I am his partner, that gives me a level of authority. And when my plan has taken action, you will all bow to me." Vivienne smiled, her eyes widening in a slightly mad way. It was as if she could smell the power from where she was standing. Ulrik frowned slightly, wondering why she how she had gotten this silly notion.

"I will spit at your feet, not bow to them." Jen smirked. In an instant, Vivienne's vicious hands were wrapped around Jen's pale throat, her nails tearing the flesh as she squeezed tighter. The table moved violently, scattering more blood. 

"Defy me again, bitch, and I will make my crown from your spine!" Vivienne snarled, her lengthened fangs adding to her beautiful madness. 

"Enough!" Ulrik yelled, quickly moving the table out of the way. The younger vampires blinked as they realised they had all been moved half way across the room. Jen's mate barely showed any concern, he watched with mild amusement and bit his nails. Some of the others slowly stood, either to get a better view or to attempt to restrain Vivienne. 

"Vivienne, I will see you in our chambers. Leave." Ulrik commanded. 

"I am not some pup to be trained-" The Queen rose, letting go of Jen.

"Move now if you wish to keep that pretty hair of yours." Jen laughed, tending to the half moons scattered around her neck. She did not bled, and the tiny marks soon disappeared. Vivienne snarled an incomprehensible reply, then strode quickly from the room. The youngsters promptly began to laugh again. 

"Tidy the place and be quiet about it. I don't want to hear another word from your pathetic mouths." Ulrik said sternly. "My lady's plan may be fragile, and something of the likes of Icarus' own, but you will not mock her so. She has the determination and the will. Do not underestimate her."

Ulrik walked from the room, leaving Jen and her brothers, sisters, and partner to clean the entrails and blood decorating the walls and floor, the macabre and horror dripping from the surfaces, like a symbol of the Queen's ferocious anger. 


Ulrik tentatively walked up the cold stone steps to his shared chambers, then hovered at the doorway. Vivienne was sat at the desk, scribbling furiously with her quill, heating wax for sealing the envelopes. The wax seal used was one depicting a raven pecking at a bone. Each coven had a different seal recognised be each of the others. 

"My love?" Ulrik murmured. He stepped into the room quietly. 

"Leave me be. You laughed at me as much as the rest of them. You let them laugh. You let them insult me." She did not look up from her work. 

"Darling, please..." Ulrik moved forward. 

"Come closer, and I will use your skin as parchment." She laid the quill down, and put her head in her hands. 

"Let me rub the stress from your back. Then we can lie together and talk of your woes until sleep takes us at morn." Ulrik suggested. 

"My woes are that you cannot control your coven, and you let them defy me so!" Vivienne slammed her hands on the table. 

"My lady... you cannot suddenly claim power and expect everyone to follow. You must gradually earn their respect and trust."

The Queen smirked. 

"You are naive. I mean to take the world, not just this coven. And although we may live indefinitely, I will take the world soon, not gradually. I will not wait a lifetime." She explained. "By morning, birds will fly with these letters. Within a month, the vampire world will know of my claim. Prepare yourself for war, but be quick about it. War does not often happen gradually." She smirked. 

Ulrik sighed, and decided it was time for bed. 

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