Love Like This

Jess Bowen is a highschool student. She plays the drums and that is pretty mush the only thing which interests her. She find the other students her age borring and way to mainstream, but one day she sees a flyer about a band searching for a drummer...

The story builds on song titels from the band "The Summer Set" and the names in the story is also from the band.


2. Must be the music

After my audition we decide to go somewhere to eat and talk. Get to know each other a little, and then they will learn me some of the songs they have ritten.

When we get to the pizzaplace, we order and sit down by an empty table. The young one, John, starts the conversation. "So, how long have you been playing the drums? You sound like you've been playing for, like, forever." I'm really flattered. No one has ever seemed that impressed with my drum skills. Maybe because I've never really played in front of anyone but my drumcoach. He's always impressed with me, but I don't trust him. He has to tell me I'm good, because if he doesn't it means that he's a bad teacher.

"I startet playing when I was six, I think, and have been playing ever since. But what about you, when did you form the group and who plays what? I guess thats the most important." 

"Well, we formed the group, I think it's four years ago. It kind of like just happened. We've all known each other since we were kids, and then when we all, had played individually for a while and was becoming really good, we just started to play together and became The Summer Set." They're all smiling, it's obvious that this is what they were born to do. Brian continues: "I'm the lead singer in the group, John plays the Guitar and is backup singer, Josh plays the guitar too and Stephen plays the bass. We're all like brothers, well Stephen and John is actually brothers but that doesn't matter. But I think the brothership could use a sister, just so things don't get out of hand, what are you saying guys?" The boys all laugh and nod their heads, it's pretty clear that there is some kind of joke there. I think I'll just stay out of that, but I'm kind of surprised to find that Stephen and John is brothers. It's not like they look related or anything. I think I'll get along well with theses guys, they seem different and I like that.

When we are done eating, we're heading to Brians house, where they're normally rehearsing, to try some of their songs. We go into the garage which it's clear is only being used for the band. It's a mess in there, but in a good way. There's instruments and song lyrics' everywhere, some empty pizza trays and a lot of unemptied boxes. In one of the corners there's a nice set of drums, and it looks almost untouched. "Only been used a couple of times, hope its usable" Josh smiles at me.

We all find our instruments and the guys start playing one of their songs, and as I slowly find the rhythm I start playing along. It sounds great, and the guys are so much better than I had imagined.

When we're done, non of us can help smiling. Why? I don't know... Must be the music!          


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