Love Like This

Jess Bowen is a highschool student. She plays the drums and that is pretty mush the only thing which interests her. She find the other students her age borring and way to mainstream, but one day she sees a flyer about a band searching for a drummer...

The story builds on song titels from the band "The Summer Set" and the names in the story is also from the band.


1. This is how we live

I have walked these halls almost every day in the last two years. I see it as a waste of my time. I have to take the classes, but at least they're not forcing me to like the other students. This is just a waiting room untill I get the opportunity to do what I'm ment to do. Rock the world!

But these halls changed last week. A little poster changed them comepletely. Yellow with black letters which sead: "Drummer wanted! tryouts next friday in the gym!" Ofcourse I have to go, just to take a look. If it is something, I'll play.


I walk down the halls to get to the gym. Turn three corners and open the door. I'm surprised to see I'm the only one here. The tryouts were supposed to start at three o'clock and the clock is almost half past four now.

I look around and see four boys sitting disperited on the benches. I walk towards them to find that they havn't seen me yet.

"Is it you guys who are seeking a drummer?" I ask, and they turn their heads. One of them quickly stands up and walkes towards me while saying: "Yes it's us. I'm Brian, this is Stephen, Josh and John. We are The Summer Set. Who are you?"

The other guys have come over while he was talking. One of them look a bit younger than the others, but the rest looks about my age. "Im Jess. Am I the only one who's been here so far?" "Year, we thought there would be at least a couple of drummers on a high scholl like this. Guess we were wrong. But, hey, if you are good enough maybe you're all we need!"

I force myself to smile, even though it all seems a bit weird and the guys seem kind of geeky. But at least they don't seem cocky like most guys my age. So, why not?

I notice the drums standing about three metres to my right. I walk over and palce myself by them. The four guys sit back on the benches with their eyes filled with expectations while I find my drumsticks.

I hit my drumsticks agains each other. One, two, three, here we go. I've been looking for a band for a long time now, and the thought of the dream coming true, makes me give it all I've got.

When I'm done I realise I have been playíng for about ten minutes. Guess I got really into it.

I look at the guys for a reaction. They glance at each other, and then the one who I think is called Josh says: "Well, I dont think there's much to dicuss.. Your in!"   


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