once upon a time


2. well! the introduction continues


College’s always been our best place to hangout. We’re in our final year of college now awaiting our placement results. We got the right amount of respect you expect a final year student to get(sometimes even better). We always made it a point never to rag girls simply because of the fact that the first words they utter would be “ANNA!!”

We both had different choices on our future (as always!). He unlike other guys opted out of campus interviews. That was a shocker for all of us. And the justification he gave was “I don’t care how much I earn. I just want to serve my country. Join some public service and stay back in my hometown.”  FOOL!! We all shouted. No use, he never listens when he’s decided something. I lost all hopes of convincing him. His fate was sealed. I had done my interview incredibly well (just an exaggeration! It was worthy of a call I could say).

My childhood dreams never lost track. I constantly dreamt of owning a “GALLARDO!!” Driving through the highways in LA with two hot chicks by my side. Aaah! What a picture… “VARUN! We’re in college man. Wake up” every time I start dreaming there’s a guy behind waiting to spoil it. “yeah yeah yeah. Got it.” Sanjay always had the habit of teasing my dreams. He kept saying that all I had were filmy stuffs. Films are from reality aren’t they??  Never mind. “Hey buddy. I heard the call letters are being dispatched to all. Get ready to fall into the ditch soon” Agreed. Literally you could call MNCs as ditches but you always need to think about the money they have, to offer. That was enough for me to set sights on them. “If at all I fall into them I pull you along with me. Don’t worry, we’ll swim together.” “Nah. That’s never gonna happen man.” Yeah whatever. I’d got bored of his lectures by now. He simply wouldn’t budge.

Canteen was without surprise the only place you could find us most of the time. To add to it we had “chachu bhai’s” tea stall nearby. “Bhai 3 chaai pls”  He was part of our gang I could say.

Oops forgot to mention about Archana. Wait wait wait! No conclusions please. She isn’t my girlfriend in case you were beginning to think that way! Trust me. Archana and Sanjay were neighbours and hence the link. For years Archana had been our crisis girl. It all began with small dealings where she would complete all our assignments and stuffs. In return all we had to do was set her up on a date (which definitely wasn’t an easy task as guys didn’t find her attractive in any sense!). As time passed by she became closer and closer and now stands part of our life. She became our ever caring friend and we her driver and bodyguard and what not. “Hey!!” there she comes. “just kidding yaar.” 

Both Sanjay and Archana are part of my life today. Life without them seems unimaginable!

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