once upon a time


1. some kind of introduction!



"Omg! Did you… did you just… did you just call out my name!? I, I don’t believe this! Is this real or am imagining stuffs.  Wait, could you just poke me or something. Please please just once."  

*THUD!!*   "Aw! My head! Just seemed a bit hard but fine. Couldn’t imagine your soft beautiful hands coming in contact with me. I… I.. I seriously need to tell you this. Ever since my eyes came across you I have this, this urge to ….."


    “Get up you lazy dreamy goose. Its already late for college. Your equally useless friend’s waiting outside. Go get ready and get lost.” “MOM!! You spoilt it again! I was so close to…” “What?? Kissing her? Finish your studies first. Get a job and then kiss any girl. I don’t care.”   At least my mom was a bit practical unlike other moms in our country.

  “VARUN!!” there comes the other call. That’s my best buddy Sanjay. Never had he in his life gone anywhere without me (no sarcasm intended!!).   That girl in my dream was just my hot classmate. In case you were wondering when she’s going to reappear. She isn’t! For guys who’ve been in several relationships right from high school this means nothing. Well, join the club if you’re one, cause I am one of those guys! But this girl’s been a tough nut so far. Right from the first time I tried to hit on her there’s been absolutely no improvement. I started with my usual one liners “Do you believe in love at first sight?? Otherwise I could propose when we meet next!” she hadn’t moved an inch to that unlike other girls who atleast give a shy smile!


“Are you coming or not!? Am leaving” There you go. He’s getting restless. Got to hurry. “Sorry buddy just had a kind of a “wet” dream you see!” that was all I could come out with as an excuse. “What’s the big deal?? You have it almost everyday” that was enough to keep me shut for sometime.


We came to know about each other when we were in our 8th grade. It was our usual English hour where our topic for debate was “MY AMBITION IN LIFE” dumb it seems doesn't it? It was finally my turn to speak and all I had to say was “My only ambition is to earn, earn and keep earning. I want to become the richest in the world, no matter how I earn it. I just need money.” Sanjay had stood up against my point “you might earn a lot but definitely you wont stay happy. You get satisfaction and contentment only when you earn it the right way” Unlike the other guys in class who had their own monotonous answers I had said something different and this guy was trying to steal away my show. Unable to bare what you call the “EMBARRASSMENT” I started fighting with him. All of a sudden I gave him a punch on his nose. He still remembers that!

  What started out with hatred stood today as friendship. Even today we quarrel over ideas which never seem to sync yet he’s my best buddy.

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