Night Sky

I wrote this after spending an evening with the sky.


1. Night Sky

When I look up what do I see?

the celebrity of nature dazzling round me,

the glitz, the glamor of what a star should be,

compared to the dullness of a mountain, a river, a tree.


I feel the magic of time and space

it comes alive as history's face,

cool and calm yet playful and gay,

shielding the angles and fighting the day.

It speaks to me as well, I hear:

"live your life with love, not fear,

learn to bring the world some joy

and spread this through every girl and boy."


Before the tears came and I began to cry,

I took a deep breath and let out a sigh,

the empty place in my soul had filled,

I left with peace on which to build,

and know that dreams can never die,

as long as the sun continues to set, we will always have the night sky.


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