I died because I got hit by a car. Now I walk around the streets on my own, trying to find my family and friends. Trying to find someone to talk to.


2. Mist

I opened my eyes. I was surrounded by mist. I stood up, black splodges clouded my vision as I had gotten up too quickly. I looked down, I was standing on the puffy white mist. The air was cool and clung to my skin. I looked down and saw I was wearing a long white dress. The sleeves were long and I pushed them up to my elbows. I had no shoes on my feet and I could feel the mist circle around my toes. I walked forwards, I came to the end of the mist and I fell down to the ground. The light was bright and it made me squint.

How did I end up in the sky? How was I standing on clouds? I was standing in the middle of a road. It was in the afternoon. I saw a car and I didn't move quick enough to get out of its way. I shut my eyes and waited for it to crash into me. It passed straight through me. It tickled slightly. I opened my eyes. Was I in some sort of dream? Was I in a nightmare? I looked around. Strangers walked up the highstreet. Not even noticing me. The wind whistled and leaves and rubbish dragged across the ground. I breathed out and walked forwards. I needed to get home, my parents are probably worried. I have just been un-grounded. I really don't want to be grounded again. I jumped up in the air and I was hovering off of the ground. 

"Cool!" I whispered. It wasn't hard to fly, it was much better than walking. But this only meant one thing. I was a ghost. I'm already dead. I can haunt people, finally. I know who I'm gonna haunt first. I'm gonna haunt my brother. Years of being annoyed by him, it's time for revenge. I could also haunt my friends a little. A little fright will do them some good. I am definitely gonna scare the living daylights out of everyone that has bullied me.  I floated through the air, planning on how I'm gonna haunt people. Hiding their stuff maybe, or screeching in their rooms at night, wailing in the school corridors and toilets and maybe just walking around their house scratching at the walls and knocking vases off of tables. Just one thing stopped me from my plan. 

I didn't know where I am. How can I get home if I have no idea where I am? What country I'm in? I will just have to walk around 'til I find some information on where I am and how to get home. Maybe I will run into other lonely ghosts and ask them for directions. I walked around then a thought struck me, how will I know that they are a ghost? I guess I'm wandering on my own, maybe I should just sit on the clouds and give up. I won't give up, not yet. I haven't even tried yet. 


I "hovered" everywhere, why walk when you have been walking for your whole life? Why not live a bit and "hover" everywhere. It seemed like I have been hovering around for a while. Nothing, I still don't know where I am, maybe I should try eavesdropping and actually read newspapers and signs. I annoy myself sometimes. I sighed and continued my search. 

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