Arran's Law

Chanelle's boyfriend Arran is accused of murder, and she goes on a one woman mission to clear his name.


4. Arran's Revenge - Arran

I lie next to Nelly, waiting for her to fall asleep. When her breathing becomes slow and regular, I turn my head just to check. Her eyes are closed, and her face is peaceful. I don't focus on how beautiful she looks, as difficult as it is. She is so very beautiful - she just doesn't know it. I lightly kiss her cheek, my lips barely brushing her skin, careful not to wake her up.

"I love you." I whisper to her, even though she can't hear me. I ever so carefully move away from her. When she doesn't wake up, I climb out of the bed as smoothly as I can. If she wakes up now, she'll obviously want to know where the hell I'm going, and I can't tell her. I hunt around for a little bit, and then find my clothes strewn around the room. I dress quickly, but leave my hoodie off. I go to pick up my hoodie, but I stop. Something tells me to take Nelly's Jack Wills hoodie instead. I have no idea why, but I take it. As I pull it over my head, her smell wafts over me. The hoodie smells like her shampoo, her hair, her perfume, and just Nelly in general. I feel better wearing her hoodie. It's like I have a little piece of her with me.


When I go to leave, I take one last look at Nelly. What if I'm not back by the time she wakes up? I leave a note for her, that just says that I went out, but I'll be back soon. I can't think of an explanation that won't sound completely fake. With a bit of luck, she won't wake up until I come back.


It isn't until I'm outside, walking down the street, that the possible consequences of what I'm about to do kick in. A wave of fear crashes over me, its strength almost bringing me to my knees. If I go through with this... It's basically the same as signing my own death warrant. I stop walking, and lean against a lamp post. I've been planning this for weeks, and I go through my reasons in my head, the way I always did if I thought I was losing my nerve. I force myself to start walking - the sooner this is over, the better for everyone.


Chanelle. This is for her. I close my eyes, and picture her face. Her long dark brown hair, the colour of maple syrup, parted on the left. Her soft, snow white skin. Her azure blue eyes, a stark contrast to her hair. Her straight nose, with a light coating of freckles over her nose and cheeks. Her lips, the top fuller than the other giving her a sensitive expression. Her smile, the smile that made the clouds part and all the evil in the world just vanish. When I first met her, when she said that I could come with her, so I didn't have to be on the streets anymore, I thought she was an angel. Only an angel could be so kind. When I first kissed her, it was one of those kisses that made everything turn golden, and made me go weak at the knees. It was worth everything that had gone wrong in my life, including being kicked out of my home after... The incident. She doesn't know about that, and it'll take a long time before I can tell her. She didn't know about it, she didn't know how dramatically my life changed in just ten minutes, and she still took me in and helped me when no one else did. She's my only reason for being here. Without her, there was no point in even exising. God, I love her. 


She told me something, something that she hadn't told anyone else. Something that was so important that she swore me to secrecy in every way possible before telling me. Something that that bastard, son of a bitch Jordan did to her when she was fifteen. Just thinking about how much she cried when she told me gives me new strength. I clench my jaw, as my vision turns red with anger. Jordan deserves to burn in hell for all eternity. Nelly took me in when I had nothing - I owe her my life, I owe her everything I have. She took me in to her home, when she didn't know me. I could've been anyone for all she knew, and she still helped me. I had watched loads of people walk past me without taking any notice of me. She was the only one who cared. I already... cared for her very much, and my feelings for her just grew when she helped me. And she fell for me as well. I remember seeing her at school, and wondering who she was. I thought that she was very pretty, and that she deserved so much more than what she had. My only regret is that I never spoke to her in school. I'll never tell her this, but I was too nervous. I knew that she lived in the Lawson estate, and I thought that maybe she was in with one of the gangs. I was so stupid then - thank God I'm smarter now. 


I'll never be able to repay her for what she did, and I owe her everything. At the very least, I owe her this. Revenge against Jordan for what he did. He deserves it, and a hell of a lot more. But I can't walk up to him and fight him. He'd set his minions on me in a second, and they'd kill me, so I have to get back at him in a less direct way. The thought of what I'm about to do makes me feel physically sick. And it's even more wrong, because I'm taking my revenge tonight. But when Jordan disrespected Nelly, even after what he's already done to her, I couldn't take it. If I didn't take my revenge tonight, I would explode with anger, and take it out on her instead of Jordan, the one who deserves it.


I knock on the door. There is a pause, and then she opens the door. She looks a little surprised to see me, but she quickly shakes it off. She smiles at me, already knowing why I'm here. I can see why Jordan likes her. If she wasn't so slutty, she'd be very pretty. She beckons to me, and I step inside. I feel like I'm about to be sick, especially when she presses her lips to mine. This is why I didn't want to stay with Nelly tonight. I knew what she wanted - and, God, I wanted it too - but sleeping with Nells was just wrong when I was going to do this. When she starts tearing at my clothes, it's as if my mind has detached itself from my body. I'm kissing her, this woman who I despise, but in my mind, I'm back home with Nelly.


This is for you, babe. I think as I take my revenge.

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