One little thing

Something happend but no one but her knos what. Day after day, week after week she holds me in her web. The fallen angel, Miss Popular, she can’t go wrong. We used to be best friends, soul mates if you will. Sleep overs every Friday. Sharing secrets with our own “special” language. But she betrayed me. Left me on my own, while humiliating me. I still miss her though, I need my BFF back. If only........


3. unexpected-Lunas POV

By the time the day was over, I had completly empitied the art room of paint! I had ended up with an unusual painting. It was a pile of ancient trinkets dumped on a victorain table. Hidden beneath them was a delicate locket, its clasp undone. I couldn't see what picture lay inside, but then again  i didn't really look. Glancing at the clock I decided it was best I went home. So I headed off to my car, since it was not yet the end of the day, no one would ask me why i wasn't in class all day. My mind drifted to other places as i strolled towards the parking lot. The sun beat down on the school, leaving no need for electricity. So the hallway was dim, giving me better cover. Pushing open the main doors,  a small breeze lifted my hair off my shoulders. I let out a long relaxed breath, I was at peace. For that moment, in that spot, nothing could desterb me. Anything but the quiet sobbing sound, coming from behind my car.

As i rounded my car, i found a girl curled up crying. Her blonde hair was wet with tears, as were her sleeves. When  she lifted her head I was speachless. It was veronica. 

"Oh god" Her voice was barely a whisper but it still had its famillier insulting twang weaved in at the corners. I squirmed under her  patronising eyes. I wanted to ask so many questions but only two came out. "What happened? Did someone die?"

"yeah me" And with that she got up and left.

Sliding into my car, I was unsure of what to do. After much cosideration, I drove of after her. "Do you want a lift?" Her head whipped round, and I swear i saw her eyes widen. "I can walk" Was her replie but i could see that she needed one.

"No you can't you live at least three blocks from here."

"How do you know that?"

"Because i've been to your house"

"when?" i din't answer. I didn't need to; I could see she remembered. When i pulled up on the curb, she climbed into the back seat silently. Non of us said a word on the way to her home. I don't know about her but I was too busy trying to sought out my thought. One half of me was bubling with anger. I mean, i was being nice giving her a lift, especally after all the humiliation she had caused me. However my other half was feeling sorry for her. It must be bad for her to cry. And terrible for her to willingly accept a lift from me, the girl she hates. 

I pulled up on her drive. Wordlessly she got out, with no intention of thanking me. she soughtered up to her front door as I backed up. Just as Veronicas mum came out.



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