One little thing

Something happend but no one but her knos what. Day after day, week after week she holds me in her web. The fallen angel, Miss Popular, she can’t go wrong. We used to be best friends, soul mates if you will. Sleep overs every Friday. Sharing secrets with our own “special” language. But she betrayed me. Left me on my own, while humiliating me. I still miss her though, I need my BFF back. If only........


4. unexpected (continued)-Lunas POV

"Luna darling it seems like forever since you've been here! It's brilliant to see you!" Veronicas mum said as she dragged me out of the car and into the house. "Oh um hi, but I really have to be getting back to school."

"Nonsense! You're already smart enough, half a day won't hurt your education!" She ushered me into the kitchen and started to pour me drink. In the end i gave up protesting. I knew from experience that there was no point in  argueing with her, it would get me no where.

I must have sat there for at least an hour befor Veronica came strolling in. Me and her mum had been making small talk over a cuppa. Her Mom turned to her daughter, and her jaw dropped.   She was wearing a bring yellow tank top with black skinny jeans. Victoria Beckam would of been proud! "Mum im going out. I'll be home for ten." Veronicas voice sliced through the warm atmospere of the kitchen. "Why don't you take luna along with you? It would be good for you two to spend some time together!" Enthusiasm burned in her voice, while hope sparked her eyes. It was obvious that Veronicas mom wanted Veronica to have tome some new friends. "But Im just going to the mall to get a new top for that family outing your always talking about. There really no point in her coming."

"Veronica that wasnt a offer. Luna is coming with you. I don't like the thought of you going around town by yourself! Especially looking like that." with a defeated look Veronica motioned me to follow her.

At the other side of the house was a garage. It was filled with sports cars gallor.Veronica was silent as we pulled out of the miny estate. The ride was arkward non of us knew what to say! Oh why did I agree to this? Im head of the debate team, why didn't I argue? Suddenly the car took a U turn. I stared at Veronica as i franticly held onto the seat. Her eyes seemed to be covered in a glassy film. Could it be tears?    



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