One little thing

Something happend but no one but her knos what. Day after day, week after week she holds me in her web. The fallen angel, Miss Popular, she can’t go wrong. We used to be best friends, soul mates if you will. Sleep overs every Friday. Sharing secrets with our own “special” language. But she betrayed me. Left me on my own, while humiliating me. I still miss her though, I need my BFF back. If only........


5. Just to make sure you're ok-Veronicas POV

I cannot believe my Mom made me bring her. How humiliating. As if my reputation isnt ruened enough. I wasnt really going to the shops, I just needed some time alone to ring Lola and sort this whole thing out. I couldn't tell my mum about Travis. She wouldn't understand. She left my Father after he proposed to her, I think she is uncapble of loving annother unrelated human being. We rounded the corner to see a couple with there arms enterlocking. They reminded me of Travis, when we were together. Wait a second that was Travis! And, oh my god, Lola! my hands started to shake as the rest of my world crumbled. I should of known! She was always way to close to him! If you could die from your heart getting broken then I would of been dead and buried already. I couldnt breath as I stared at them. His arms slipped around her waste while she kissed his perfect mouth. Talk about saliva city! Finally I couldn't take it anymore. Stuff talking it through with Lola, stuff taking a nice calming ride. I took a sudden U turn and drove home. I must of broken a dozen speed limits that day, a few of which I would pay for later. My mind was filled with desturbing thoughts, as the streets blurred past me. I bet they had been together for months, waiting for the right time to tell me and the school. Where they in love? No Lola didnt believe in that sought of thing. Then again she was obviosly comfortable lying to me. My eyes threatened tears all the while.

luna trailed me to my front door,confusion stuck on her face. "Why cant you just go home already Luna?" I tried to sound mean but my voice threatend to crack on the last sylable. "Theres no one home so there's no point. Plus I wanted to make sure you're ok." The last part came out as a whisper but I still heard it. I just stood there awestruck. After all i had done to this girl she was still trying to be kind. I didnt know whether to be happy or suspicous. So I desided to be a mix of both. "Um well thanks for your consern but im fine." Again I tried to be harsh butI couldnt pull it off, my voice cracked the whole way through. She followed me into my room, and witnessed as I broke down.

I finally let it out. All the pain from the day just came over me. Luna sat there on my bed with my head on her shoulder. I babled on for at least an hour about my troubles, all that was troubling me. It reminded me of old times. Lunas infinite kindness mixed with my drama. "What happened to me Luna?"

"You just got cought up in growing up to fast with the wrong people." Some how after eveything a simple exsplanation was all I needed. And after everything that had happened I smiled. A single tear rolled down Lunas cheek. "What happened to us Veronica?" Her voice hung in the air. The subject was untouchble for me. One little thing I took to far. A rumor I couldnt handle. The start to my rise and fall in the status que. All I could wish for is that she could leave it at that. "It doesnt matter Luna. Its another story for another time" 

"Ok, but i think its about time we had another sleep over. With a hell of alot of sugar!"  

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