One little thing

Something happend but no one but her knos what. Day after day, week after week she holds me in her web. The fallen angel, Miss Popular, she can’t go wrong. We used to be best friends, soul mates if you will. Sleep overs every Friday. Sharing secrets with our own “special” language. But she betrayed me. Left me on my own, while humiliating me. I still miss her though, I need my BFF back. If only........


2. cheated-veronicas POV

Hahaha you should have seen Loony's face! That will teach her to come striding in here like she owns the place. I tease her everyday but she still hasn't learnt that I'm the queen bee in this town. Yeah we used to be friends, but that was a long time ago. What happened you ask? Well thats a story I'll have to save for another time. 

Me and my friends sauntered into the toilet to find a group of girls gossiping. Lola, my BFF, performed our normal routine to find out what the latest gossip was around school. Many people think we made up the gossip but the truth is we left that up to our worker bees. Why get our hands dirty when we could just sit back and watch the show? So, Lola went over to the sink nearest to the girls and started washing her hands. On her way to the dryer she pretended to drop something, casually going to pick it up it gave her a reason to step closer to the girls. This enabled her to hear what they were saying. Quite genuis I must say. The plan worked to perfection.

When Lola came back she looked strangly worried. Her eyes were tinged with guilt with a drop of satisfaction. "They were saying that someone saw Travis kissing another girl last night down in town."  Her voice was a whisper but I heard it clearly. "What! Thats impossible he told me he had football practice!"

"But hasnt the football season  stopped?" Yes it had, I was at the winning game when Travis scored the last goal. Oh my god, how had I been so stupid!? "No its just a rumour" "Yeah travis wouldnt do that!" Some of my friends piped up. But I knew it wasnt. I tried to ingnore it, the feeling that could bring me down. Insecurity.

The bell chimed in our ears, signalling first period. "Why dont you ask him now?" Lola asked.  "Yeah i will" I replied, putting more braveness in my voice then I felt in my mind. If I didnt face him now I  never would.  Putting on my "I own this town" face, I stode out of the toilet. Travis was messing around with his friends down the hall. As the gap between us became smaller I caught snippets of there convosation. "Wow travis! I never thought you had it in you!"

"Yeah I mean, we thought you were gonna break up with Veronica at first but you've really taken a risk here! I mean cheating on V is dangerous."

 "Well Veronicas pretty, but Sammy is just gorgeous! And I dont call it cheating i call it going down a differant path!" His voice was like a bomb, making my whole world crash down. His friends fell silent when they saw me. as Travis turned round, I slapped him square in the jaw. Everything fell silent. I didn't wait to hear his remarks, I was already out of the door.  

 Racing out into the parking lot my mind began to twirl.  This cant be happening, this cant be happening. Travis is the only person who is always there. with out him i'll lose my roots to the football team, then I wouldnt be able to go to all the VIP parties. Then I would lose friends because they wouldnt have a reason to be with me! The list was endless, I couldnt hold it in. So I hid behind a car and let the tears fall....


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