One little thing

Something happend but no one but her knos what. Day after day, week after week she holds me in her web. The fallen angel, Miss Popular, she can’t go wrong. We used to be best friends, soul mates if you will. Sleep overs every Friday. Sharing secrets with our own “special” language. But she betrayed me. Left me on my own, while humiliating me. I still miss her though, I need my BFF back. If only........


1. bad dreams-Luna's POV


"Veronica handed me a delicate notebook. it was covered in a gold tinted cyan silk enbroided with our names 'Luna and Verinica'. I peered at Veronica, a smile lit up her face. I havn't seen here this happy since forever. "Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you" she launched into her song with more enthusiam than i thought humanly possible! her voice still tinkled in the air even after she'd finished. I beamed at her eager to show my gratitude. suddenly the cotten grass beneath me turned icy, paper ash fell from the sky. Veronicas face morphed into what she was today, a monster. her ash blond hair fell perfectly around her face, complementing her high cheek bones and moss green eyes. a malevolent awe enclosed her, transporting her out of the park where I sat utterly frozen with fear. I could still hear her abusive remarks after she had gone..." my whole body jerked up, causing my raw eyes to pop open. how many times does a person have to suffer the same dream? I mean seriously, every night it plays through my mind, like a broken record! at least i still had another couple hours sleep left. :) 

“Honey I’m going to work! You better get up otherwise you’re going to be late!” My mom strolled in wearing her normal work attire, a neatly pressed grey pant suit and glossy black high heels. Her dark auburn hair, accompanied with her blue eyes, made her look like a modern mermaid. No one could have been more proud to be a daughter that I was. My dad had abandoned us when I was born, leaving my mum to fend for herself. She would never let anyone help her. Always to stubborn to admit she was over her head. Through pain staking work she got a job with a decorating business. She’s now the big bad boss of it. No one can beat my mum; no matter what you say or do she’ll always be at the top. Slowly making my way across to my bathroom, reality struck me. Veronica was going to be at school today. All the contentment was flushed out of me. The taunting would begin, along with endless name calling. Wonderful just wonderful.

Pulling up to school I noticed that the parking lot was empty. Was I late? No I made sure I had set of on time. What if I had got the wrong day and Veronica and her wanna bees are going to come laughing at me. Is there somewhere I should be? The school bell interrupted my inner babbling. I jogged into the corridors happy to see I wasn’t the only one there.  Kids were huddled in their usual groups chattering amongst themselves, occasionally saying hi to passing students. Before I knew what was happening I had face planted the cold granite floor. Hard mocking laughter surrounding me, as I looked up to see Veronica glaring at me, her eyes basking in the deliciousness of my misery. “Hahaha look everyone Loony fell over her huge clown feet!” everyone was laughing at me, their voices echoing in the corridor. I raced down into the art room, tears threatening my eyes. Fighting back my emotions I promised myself that I wouldn’t cry. I turned to see Veronica and her wanna bees posing in the doorway. “Aw look at Loony; do you want your Mommy? Or should I just get a doctor to look at them clown feet of yours?” acid dripping from every word. I just kept silent; everything I said would be held against me.  “Not going to answer me huh? Good, we don’t wanna hear your pathetic voice anyway. Come one girls lets go” and with that they were gone. This has been going on for 4 years, no one cares. I wouldn’t expect them to. I have nothing in return to give them. What happened to us is a mistery, she just turned one day. I guess it only takes one little thing to break you. Leaving you with nothing but yourself to protect you.  

The only savour I have is art. I have been told that I’m good, but personally I think I’m ok. I can draw and paint without people having to ask what it is. I figured that I might as well skip class today. I mean I don’t enjoy lessons due to Veronica, and I don’t feel like reliving this morning’s event. So I picked up a pencil and strode over to a canvas. It was the best day I’ve had in a while.







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