Both sides of the story

It's about hearing both sides of bulling and you shouldn't always judge when you first meet someone. It also shows how popularity can change someone over time into a monster.


4. The Awful Truth


There was this one week, before half term, you can feel the energy in the air buzzing, waiting for Friday to come. Unfortunately, both a rumour and photo going around school was the last thing Jake wanted, but his nightmare was real. Thomas had an old photo of Jake from a party playing truth or dares with some kids not around from there area. Jake got dared to kiss another lad and Thomas took a photo declaring it was only a joke. The last week of term the photo “mysteriously” got around and more rumours started, apparently Jake was gay. He wanted to die in side; it had gone on too long, wanting it to be over. The cutting of the wrist each night; was the only way he felt he could get through the torment of their laughter haunting his sleep. After a year it was becoming stupid, the fact everything got worse and worse even though Thomas knew what he was going through, he wouldn’t stop. It was crazy. On a regular basis Jake would get beaten up behind the school shed, black eyes would appear and bruises on his arm.

Half term had only begun and most people were at the park prating about. Thomas and Jake were both down there, but only because an ambush was set up. It started off as just beating him up, something he was used to. He just led there, waiting until his body went numb, while the pain slowly disappears. The echoing laughter, visions of people pointing, all while everyone throwing a good kick or punch in there. When he thought finally everyone had given up, he stood up, looked at the blood running down his face, the gashes and sores all over his body and spat out a mouthful of blood. Thinking it was the end of the torment, he started walking back home when suddenly, another lad jumped out. Jake grabbed his knife out from under his jacket, thinking it was the only way to stand up for himself. He threatened the bloke, shaking hands and voice, at heart not wanting to really use it, all the same trying to show the little strength he still had. A tear ran down his face. The pain in his ribs where he had been repeatedly kicked started to throb, as he clenched his fists because of the pain. The other man grabbed his hand, plunged it into his chest and ran out of sight. His whole life flashed before his eyes, wondering where it all went so wrong, what did he do to deserve this? His eyes slowly closing, whishing he was anywhere else but there.

And that’s my story! It’s not right to bully, it’s neither funny nor appropriate. It’s completely pathetic, people need to open their eyes and realise what they’re doing to others.

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