Both sides of the story

It's about hearing both sides of bulling and you shouldn't always judge when you first meet someone. It also shows how popularity can change someone over time into a monster.


2. starting school


It was the first day of his fifth school and looking forward to what was there to await him, was definitely an understatement. Everyone knows when someone new will be arriving; however, it’s not always a positive, particularly as that’s when rumours start spreading. Thomas was definitely aware of this as in a way he was experienced, as a result he knew how to take control of the day which lay ahead him. The frightening school bell rang and to his surprise everyone welcomed him like they were his best mate, he felt like he had to take a step back, the shock was too over whelming. Was this a dream? A trap? Are they trying to make me trust them to through it back in my face? For once he thought he could get along with everyone and actually have friends for a change, this time he was right. Unfortunately, what he didn’t know was what the school was going to turn him into…

“So you must be Thomas? I can’t believe you have moved all the way from Cyprus! I think that is legend, by the way my name is Jake. I’ve never known anyone from Cyprus before, all I know is, I have to show you around, this is gonna be great.” “Ermm yea, cool where do I go first? “We have English, follow me”

Everything sounds fine right, now you’re thinking, oh so Thomas isn’t the one who dies? Well who is? 

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