Both sides of the story

It's about hearing both sides of bulling and you shouldn't always judge when you first meet someone. It also shows how popularity can change someone over time into a monster.


3. Changing Winds


It was a year later and Thomas was great! He hadn’t been bullied or picked on since he started his new school, but eventually someone else did. Everything was perfect! Thomas had so many friends and his best mate was Jake, there was nothing else he could possibly want. Suddenly, things started to get to Thomas; the popularity he loved so much was taking over his life! He couldn’t afford to lose it, not now.  Although, he still felt like he had a hole in his life, the fact he always got bullied was eating him up, he just wanted revenge. To know that someone else went through what he had was his new aim in life. Thomas thought the only way he could accomplish this, was to actually be the bully himself. Who could be the victim? He thought. His mind only brought one name to mind, Jake. It started out only small, only saying it was banter to cover the name calling up. As it went on, others joined in, but yet again it was, “a laugh”, but not when the rumours started. It was getting too far, after only two weeks the pushing in corridors began. It may only sound like a small petty thing that would soon blow over; I mean that’s what you would want, right? The thing is, once you laugh your part of it, there’s no turning back. 

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