Both sides of the story

It's about hearing both sides of bulling and you shouldn't always judge when you first meet someone. It also shows how popularity can change someone over time into a monster.


1. intro


When it comes to bullying you don’t normally hear about both sides of the story, only what happened to the person who got abused. I’m going to tell you a story about someone I know who eventually died because the torment got so terrible, although, this time, you’re going to hear both sides of the story…


Thomas moved place to place all the time; to be honest he never found being a pad brat easy. New school every two/three years, let’s just say it wasn’t exactly a walk in the park. The bullies sometimes got worse, more stuck up and tough, or simply just dispirit to show off. More than likely it depended on where he moved. It always seemed to be Thomas who got picked on, no matter where he went! Even his parents eventually got sick of it. No one knew about all the amazing places he had travelled to: Cyprus, England, Germany, Brunei, maybe if they actually got to know him like I did, things might not have gone this way.  He used to email me about what he went through day after day: the name calling because he was a smart ginger, the beating up as a result of it and most of all the threatening emails which he received every day of his life. He found everything hard to ignore and say everything would be alright, but all the same he survived through it.

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