Forgiving Justice

"...So it came a bit of a shock to me when I saw what was happening between Bella and Theo. No one would have guessed that anything like that could happen to us: the happy go lucky Balmers and Kensits living in the big house on the corner. But that’s the funny thing about life.
You never know what’s coming next."

Fifteen year old Natalie Balmer/Kensit has never really felt like she belongs. Throughout her childhood she was continually bounced from one home to another- whilst keeping a terrible secret that her older sister Bella was being brutally abused.
Now, living in care, seperated from her family and in a steady relationship with boyfriend Jasper, Natalie is shocked to find her past being dragged out in front of her.

Theo is back. And his story's in court.

Natalie, as the only witness to Bella and Theo's injustice, is now compelled to make a life changing decision- Keep her families together?

Or serve Bella justice and send her sister to prison?

Coming soon!


6. Wuthering Heights


I loved Jasper’s bedroom. The colour scheme was a silvery blue, and it was adorned with hundreds of CDs and books, and posters of bands I’d never heard of. I unwound my fingers from Jasper’s and threw myself on his bed. There was an old battered paperback lying on the pillow. I picked it up, interested.

Wuthering Heights?” I wondered aloud. I hadn’t thought Jasper one for the classics. He looked mortified. I began reading from the page where Jasper had left off, it was creased and worn and the writing had paled from time and use. 

If all else perished, and he remained, I should still continue to be; and if all else remained, and he were annihilated, the universe would turn to a mightly stranger...

“Hey, hey,” I soothed, wrapping my arms around his waist and leaning my chin on his shoulder, “I didn’t mean it in a bad way, Jasper.”

He smiled a shy smile, and held me closer. “I know.” We sat in silence for a bit, but it wasn’t comfortable silence.

“I was just shocked, that’s all,” I mumbled into Jasper’s shoulder. “I didn’t know you would like that sort of thing.”


“It’s just the whole scenario, really,” Jasper babbled. He took my hand and held it in his lap. “Loving someone so much… That when you lost them…” Jasper looked me in the eye. I turned away, uncomfortable now.

“When you lost them… You had to die too.”


Jasper looked genuinely troubled by something. What made things worse though, was that I had a feeling about what was wrong. Without warning, Jasper cupped my chin in both his hands and gazed at me, his coffee eyes glowing with apprehension. Then he spoke.

“I love you, Natalie Balmer. I love you, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I promise to love you forever, and I would never leave you. So… Will you… Will you marry me?”


There was a long, aching silence.


The phone broke the stillness. I was too shell shocked to move. Jasper reached for the phone, without moving his eyes away from mine, and picked it up. “Speaking?” He asked, his voice deep and scratchy. Then his eyebrows furrowed together. “Who… Who is this?” Then, a second later, “Is this some kind of wind up?”

“Who is it?” I yelped. Jasper put his finger on my lips.

“But why? Why get in contact now? She’s been going crazy about you, Jamie.”




“Give me the phone!” I exclaimed, grabbing the receiver as if it were a thousand pound cheque. “Hello?” I gasped, my heart hammering at a thousand beats a minute.

“Natalie, is that you? Please to God, Natalie, is that you?”


Jamie, my older half-brother, my only stabilization in this world, my other Jasper, had finally got in contact after five long years of waiting. Half of me wanted to tell him to go away, to shout that I wanted to forget that time of my life, when the stronger more determined part wanted to keep him on speaker permanently. Jasper’s hand clasped mine intensely. I gratefully held on.


“Yes, yes Jamie.” I croaked. “It’s me.”

There was an exclamation of broken laughter from the phone. “Natalie, Natalie, you don’t know how long I’ve wanted to call you! I tried the home this morning, no one picked up…”


I gulped guiltily.


…”And then about three minutes ago I tried again, and the head person Sally thought you’d be round at your boyfriend’s.”


So Sally did know about Jasper after all. I should have known.


“Jamie… why did you…?”

“I know, Nat, I’m sorry about all of this. We need to talk in person. But I suppose I’d better tell you why I’m calling, so as not to worry you.”


I leaned my head against Jasper’s shoulder. I felt tears pricking my eyes as Jamie’s warm parentally tone wafted into my ear.


“It’s Bella. She needs our help.”

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