Forgiving Justice

"...So it came a bit of a shock to me when I saw what was happening between Bella and Theo. No one would have guessed that anything like that could happen to us: the happy go lucky Balmers and Kensits living in the big house on the corner. But that’s the funny thing about life.
You never know what’s coming next."

Fifteen year old Natalie Balmer/Kensit has never really felt like she belongs. Throughout her childhood she was continually bounced from one home to another- whilst keeping a terrible secret that her older sister Bella was being brutally abused.
Now, living in care, seperated from her family and in a steady relationship with boyfriend Jasper, Natalie is shocked to find her past being dragged out in front of her.

Theo is back. And his story's in court.

Natalie, as the only witness to Bella and Theo's injustice, is now compelled to make a life changing decision- Keep her families together?

Or serve Bella justice and send her sister to prison?

Coming soon!


14. It Was a Child.

As soon as the sleek red porsche slid neatly up the gravel driveway, I stole a glance at the huge Victorian villa looming over me. For a second, I thought that Jamie, being Jamie, was using this driveway for a U-turn, to reverse back into the street where slightly smaller proportioned houses stood. But I soon found out that this wasn't true, as Jamie turned off the ignition and opened his door. My mouth hanging open with amazement, I couldn't bring myself to move. How could Jamie: arrogant, lovely, but nonetheless broke Jamie afford this kind of lifestyle?

My questions were answered within a second as the bright red door to the villa opened, and a beautiful expensively dressed woman stepped out.

"Moya," Jamie breathed.

I took a glance at this Moya. I couldn't help the feeling of nausea in the pit of my stomach as I realised that this woman was Jamie's partner. From a distance, she looked like a goddess, leaving me wondering what she looked like close up. She was clad in an expensive looking grey-blue dress: delicately ruffled and slim fit to show her impressive figure. Wrapped around her shoulders was a wonderful silk scarf, smooth and glistening with all the colours of teh rainbow. I suppose the colours could contrast strangely with the impressive red waves of hair that flowed evenly down her back, but to me it looked perfect.

Moya's face looked kind, the sort of face that creased with anxiety, stretched with a smile, and clouded over with a soft shade of pink when the feeling of embarrassment took over. 

After thinking about it, I realised that Moya was the perfect match for Jamie. I was... pleased for him.

"Um, Natalie..." Jamie began, nervously buttoning and un-buttoning his shirt, "That's... That's Moya." I looked at him, waiting for him to finish. "My partner."

So that was it then. All trivial hopes of Moya just being a friend, a tenant, a long distance relative was swept away in a moment. I took a deep breath. I think my coolness surprised him. "It's okay," I said. "I know."

Just then I saw a frame of dark hair whip quickly around the back of Moya's waist, and around behind her again. I had just caught a glimpse of the girl's soft brown eyes, and realised with shock that it was a child. "Jamie..." I began. But he cut me off. "Come on, Natalie, let's go in. No use explaining anything out here."

The faint familiar rattle of the old Volvo only just stopped my tears. Until now, I had no idea how much I didn't know about my family. Mum was dead. Well, I suppose that didn't make much of a difference now, anyway. I buried her years ago. But Mattie and Elliot in care? I sniffed, and Jasper was there before the first tear fell. We rocked quietly for a moment, just listening to the soft patting sound as the rain grew gradually harder. 

"I'm sorry," I mumbled into Jasper's hair. He didn't say anything, just took my hand and began leading me up to Jamie's huge front door, left slightly ajar I noticed. I saw the dark-haired child run from view as soon as I reached the top step.

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