Forgiving Justice

"...So it came a bit of a shock to me when I saw what was happening between Bella and Theo. No one would have guessed that anything like that could happen to us: the happy go lucky Balmers and Kensits living in the big house on the corner. But that’s the funny thing about life.
You never know what’s coming next."

Fifteen year old Natalie Balmer/Kensit has never really felt like she belongs. Throughout her childhood she was continually bounced from one home to another- whilst keeping a terrible secret that her older sister Bella was being brutally abused.
Now, living in care, seperated from her family and in a steady relationship with boyfriend Jasper, Natalie is shocked to find her past being dragged out in front of her.

Theo is back. And his story's in court.

Natalie, as the only witness to Bella and Theo's injustice, is now compelled to make a life changing decision- Keep her families together?

Or serve Bella justice and send her sister to prison?

Coming soon!


17. All I Heard Was The Door Slam

The door slammed. When it happened Marie and I were sitting nervously at the dining table, waiting. For what, we didn’t know. But when the door slammed we both shot up. Marie looked at me, and I looked ay her. “I think they’re gone,” I said. Marie sighed. I think that she thought that this whole ‘family reunion’ thing was going to be a bit more fun than hiding in the kitchen. She looked downcast. “I hope the sad boys are going to be okay,” she said.

“Me too,” I mumbled. “Come on then. We’d better go and see.”


I took Marie by the hand and together we walked into the Drawing Room. Jasper was talking quietly to Jamie, who was holding his head in his hands.


“Hey,” I began, settling back into the sofa. “What’s going on?”

“The twins left,” Jamie murmured distantly, “Felicity came to pick them up.”

“What did they say?”


Jasper came and joined me on the sofa, pulling my hand into his. “Mattie just explained everything that happened,” he said, “You know, after your Mum...”

“Anyway,” Chrystal interrupted, “When the police were called the boys tried to run away, but then they found them on the streets nearby and they got taken into care.” Chrystal slapped her hands on her knees. “That’s all we got.”


Jasper tucked a strand of hair behind my ear. “You think we could use that in the hearing?”

“Jasper!” I snapped, wrenching my hand from his. “Don’t say that!”

“But Natalie,” Lottie cut in, “Have you ever thought about how we could play this? I mean, sometime we’re going to have to...”


“Please.” Moya held up a hand. “Let’s forget about that now. Let’s try and relax. So Natalie,” she addressed me desperately, “How’s school?”


Jamie sat up now, hopeful that the afternoon would take a turn for the better. “Um, school’s good I suppose,” I said, “Well, Jasper and I are leaving this year, but I’m enjoying it now.”

“Wait,” Jamie turned to me with a finger held up, “You’re leaving school?”


“Well, yeah,” I said, “This is my final year of school. I’m off to college after summer.”

“And I’m off to Uni,” Jasper added.

Chrystal put a restraining hand on Jamie’s shoulder. “Nat, what’s wrong with going to the sixth form at your school?”

“Jasper won’t be there,” I said simply. Lottie smiled at me, faking comprehension, but Jamie was obviously outraged.

“You need to get some space Natalie!” He spoke with gritted teeth. “You’re fifteen! You need to go out a bit more.”

“I do go out!” I said adamantly.

“Yeah!” Jamie argued. “With him!”


Jasper slid his arm around my waist slowly, making sure Jamie wouldn’t see. “Look,” he hissed, “What’s your problem?”

Jamie knocked off Chrystal’s hand and stood up, his hands balled into tight fists at his sides.

You are my problem.”


Jasper glided across the sofa away from me and squared up to Jasper. It scared me to see that Jasper was several centimetres taller than Jamie, and that he had no intentions of backing down until Jamie did.


But Jasper had a secret weapon. To prove the love I had for him.


I could feel it coming quicker than Christmas.


Oh God. Please don’t let Jasper say it.


Jasper took a deep breath, his beautiful coffee eyes now closed. “Look, Jamie, me and Natalie are...”

I leapt up, picking up Marie in one arm and giving her to Moya. I pushed myself into the middle of the two and gave a warning glance to Jasper. He bent down and kissed me on the cheek, whispering in my ear as he did, “We’ve got to tell him sometime, Nat.”

“But not now,” I begged, stroking his cheek with my shaking hand, “Please.”


“What?” Jamie was close to hysteria. “Tell me what?”


Jasper didn’t take his eyes off me for one second as he spoke. “Jamie, me and Natalie are engaged.”


Everything went still for a moment.


Then Jamie looked at me, then at Jasper, and stormed out of the room without a backwards glance.


All I heard was the door slam.


Then there was uproar.


As most of it was directed at Jasper, I took my chances and slipped out into the hallway. Trying to hold back the tears that were forcing their way up my throat as quickly and determinedly as a flood. I leant my head back against the wall, and sighed. I wanted to marry Jasper. I did. But what if Jamie was right?


Would I feel the same way about Jasper if I didn’t need him so badly? If I didn’t spend every hour of every day (and night) with him, would I feel the same way about someone else if I met some other boys?


I guess I would never know. I was too delicate to be played with.


Jasper would never play with me.




I wiped my eyes hurriedly, and turned to face Moya. She held out her arms, and I didn’t hesitate to dive in. As I cried, she rubbed my back, whispering comforts into my ear. “I went through the same,” she murmured, “Me and Jamie. We had to face the criticism too, you know.”


I leant back. “What?”


Moya smiled weakly. “You don’t know how we met, do you?” I shook my head. Moya sighed, and gave my shoulder a squeeze. “Come on then, honey. We’ll go into the kitchen. It’s a good place to talk, believe me.”


And strangely enough, I didn’t doubt Moya, not even for one second.



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