Is it right to die for your country?

This poem is about if soldiers should die for their country. It's theme is similar to Wilfred Owen's ' Dulce et Decorum est' but I have not copied his poem enjoy:D


1. Is it right to die for your country?

Crunched under sacks of equipment heavy as a mountain boulder.

We soldiers curse as we march through the bloody frontline.

No matter where we go all we see is a bloody massacre.

What sins have these soldiers done to deserve such hell?

Only sins done would be volunteering to fight for your country.


As we charge in from the right liberating German cities.

All we see are only sights of the star of David.

Being treated unfair for just being a Jew.

Suffering unnecessary casualties.

From when was humans this cruel to one another.


Only God knows.

Only the one can tell.

So I beg, for the reply.

Of the only one that can stop this unnecessary killing.


Soldiers, look and speak for yourself.

Casualties have been made doom has been brought.

Not a single ray of hope.

For these dying souls.


Not a single hand of aid.

Not a single sign of manner.

Not a single sign of hope.

For these pitiful soul I pray, I pray for a better afterlife.


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