Vampire Day

Cassie is 18 years old. But she is actually 5000 years old.
She lives alone and she has recintly started school again, at Hiliton hight school, where she meats Daniel. Daniel is a human who falls in love with Cassie the first moment they meat. But she knoes they can not be together because she is a vampire.
There is more than vampires in this book. This is also werewolfs and other stuff


2. The meeting

"Deep breaths" i mumble to myself as i sit in my new black BMW. after a few more minutes i open the car door and step out in to the hot houston sun. I hitch my bag on to my shoulder and start to walk towards the main office of Hiliton high school, but stops shortly when a tall brunette runs into me. I look up to say sorry but comes up short when my eyes meets his.

His eyes are deep blue and he has a football player type of build, his hair is messy but it suits him. He is wearing a plain white t-shirt and a pair of jeans that are just a bit to big for him.

"Oh um, sorry. I didn't see you there. I'm Daniel"

"Hi, i'm Cassie. I'm new here" i reply.

"Really, what a coincidence, me to" he gives a short laugh and smiles down at me like we are old friends.

"It was nice meetin you but i have to get tto the office before the bell rings" i explained.

"Hey, i was on my way over there anyway, so i could walk with you, if you wanted" he gives me another smile and we set off to the offiice.

"So, where you from?" he asks.

"I'm from Dallas. What about you?".

"Well, i was born in England, but most of my family are across here so ... here i am" he gives another short laugh.

As we entered the office a god awful smell hit me. I know Daniel can't smell it, but being a vampire comes with advantages and disadvantages. I look around to see wwhat was causing it. It is a bunch of flowers in a cornor. Lillys!

Normanly things like that don't bother me and i've learned to ignor them but lillys have bothered me my whole life and they still do. So i take a deep breath and continue to where Daniel stands, infront was an old wooden desk. Behind it sits a middle aged woman who has red hair and from the way her clothes smell, she obviously smokes. I state my name, then she gives me a small sheet of paper that has my time-table on it, and another one which i have to get signed by each teacher today. After i say my thanks to the red head and tell Daniel i would meet up with him later, i leave the office and made my way to my first class.

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