Vampire Day

Cassie is 18 years old. But she is actually 5000 years old.
She lives alone and she has recintly started school again, at Hiliton hight school, where she meats Daniel. Daniel is a human who falls in love with Cassie the first moment they meat. But she knoes they can not be together because she is a vampire.
There is more than vampires in this book. This is also werewolfs and other stuff


4. The date

I was in the middle of haveing a glass of blood when i relised what time it was. I have half an hour to get ready to go out. So after a quick shower, i shove on my best pair of jeans on and a cute red tank top, pulled on my new black knee high boots and my black leather jacket just as Daniel pulled into my drive way. I flash into the kitchen at vampire speed to put away my glass and was just putting it in the cupboardwhen the door bell rang. I flashed to the mirrorin the main room to make sure i looked alright then i walked at normal speed to the door.


Even if i don't need to i can still eat. So i ordered the chicken salad and Daniels orders the chicken cury and we both order red wine. After the waiter left i decided to start a conversation.

"You know this is the first time i've been out in ages"

"Really. I thought a girl like you would be asked out quite often".

"What do you mean a girl like me?"

"Well, a pretty, funny, nice girl like you". For the 5th millionth time today i blushed. This time i look down to hide it. Just then the waiter came back wit our drinks. I take a sip and put it on the table.

"So what about you. You must be ask out a lot" i ask while playing with my napkin that was set to the left of the small fancy plate that is infront off me.

"No, not really. I don't know, i guess i've been waiting for the right girl". I could tell he was watching me so i decided to look up, and like the moment when we first meet i couldn't say anything because as soon as i looked into his eyes everything but im vanised. After that we just talked about random stuff, like our favourite films and our favourite hero, and who would win in a fight 'Batman' or 'Spiderman'.

It felt like hours when Daniel was pulling into my drive. I didn't want to go back into the house myself just yet, so i asked him if he wanted to come in for a drink and thankfuly he said yes. But as soon as i open the door, i knew it was a bad idea. I'm a Vampire, anything could happen! But i didn't wan't want him to leave just yet so i continued to the kitchen.

"So, you live here by yourself?" he asks while i was getting the glasses out of the cupboard.

"Um, yeah. I've always liked big house's but it does get lonely sometimes" i reply while pouring the wine into the two glasses.

"Here you go" i pick up his glass and hand it to him then pick up mine.

"To us" he anounces and holds up his glass.

"To us" i repeat and lick my glass to his.

After the 3ed glass of wine we were in the living-room infront of the fire place. One of Matalica's songs was playing in the background but i couldn't tell which song it was. We had just finished the bottle of wine when the old clock that sat above the fire place, anounced it was 12 o'clock.

"It's getting late".

"Yeah, it is. I guess i should be heading home" he trys to stand but fail's.

"You are already drunk. God you can't even hold your liquids can you".

"Yes i can, and no i am not drunk" he gives a short laugh and lie's back down and puts one arm behind his head. "Okay, maby i am a little drunk".

"Yeah you are. Right, there is only two options. Option one: I can drive you home and walk back home or Option two: You stay the night" he gives that a thought a think and eventually says "Even though the second option sounds good, i really should get home".

"Okay. Give me your car keys".

"But how will you get home?"

"I'll be fine. Ok up you get" i get him up and outside then into the car.


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