Vampire Day

Cassie is 18 years old. But she is actually 5000 years old.
She lives alone and she has recintly started school again, at Hiliton hight school, where she meats Daniel. Daniel is a human who falls in love with Cassie the first moment they meat. But she knoes they can not be together because she is a vampire.
There is more than vampires in this book. This is also werewolfs and other stuff


3. Class's

I had English first, which was mega borring. I also had to give a speech about myself which didn't go so well because afterwards, everyone was all over me, asking

- Do you want to be friends

- Do you want to join us for lunch, etc.

After the 5th question i was think about making a run for it, but thought against it. So i made my way to my second class today. History, which Daniel was in. Again, i had to give another speech but at least it went better that time. I always thought that History was a boreing subject but after a while it got a bit interesting. A few times i caught Daniel looking at me and each time i blushed. I never mew that vampire could blush, but at least it made me feel a bit more normal.


After History it was lunch. As i was packing my things away Daniel came over to me.

"Hey Cassie. I was woundering if you wanted to go and get some lunch with me"

"Sure. But i have to nip to my locker if thats alright"

"Sure". I grab my bag and we set off towards the lockers.

"So Daniel tell me about yourself" i asked while i try to find my locker key.

"Well, what do you want to know?"

"I don't know, hobbies, favourite bands, favourite colour things like that".

"Well, my favourite colour is blue, my favourite band would have to be Matalica and i don't really have a hobbie. What about you."

"Easy, purple, Nickleback and i like to draw" i ticked each of them off as i go though them.

"You any good?"

"Don't know. I've never showed anyone them".

"Come on i'll bet their great".

"You've never seen them" i say with a hint of laughter.

"Do you have one on you"

"Um, yeah but it's not very good" i open my bag and grabed my folder and flicked all the way to the back. The picture was of a mother lion and her cub.

"Oh my god, you drew this"


"It's amazing. You are really tallented" he gives the folder back and i put it in my locker, and we made our way to the canteen.


After lunch i had maths then p.e. I always hated p.e but today it was funny. I don't know why but i think it was because Daniel was in it. It started off when we had to warm up by running round the playing field while the grass is wet. Daniel and i were half way round when i ran though a puddle and sliped. I know Daniel didn't mean it but suddenly Daniel was bent over laughing. At first i didn't think it was very funny but after a few seconds i was laughing with him. He was in the middle of pulling me up when his foot sliped and he was down in the puddle with me. We were litirally crying with laughter.

"This is you'r fault" i say as i lean over and lightly punch him on the arm. He covers his arm like it actually hurt. After another fit of laughter we get up and continued the curcit which everyone else has finished. After that time seemed to fly. We played a few games of rounders then we were sent back up to get changed and to get our stuff.

I was on my way to my car when i noticed someone leaning on it, but even from this distance i could tell it was Daniel.

"Hey, you okay" i ask as i approch him.

"Yeah fine" he gives me a small smile then asks "there is a new resturant down town and i was woundering if you would like to cheak it out with me".

"Yeah sure, i would like that". I must have blushed pretty bad because when i moved my hand to move a strand of hair, my hand brushed my cheek and for a vampire, my skin was pretty hot.

"Okay. I'll pick you up at 7" he says after a moment of silence.

"Okay. I'll see you then" i gave him a small wave then got into my car. But when i look back, he is already on his way to his car.

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