Vampire Day

Cassie is 18 years old. But she is actually 5000 years old.
She lives alone and she has recintly started school again, at Hiliton hight school, where she meats Daniel. Daniel is a human who falls in love with Cassie the first moment they meat. But she knoes they can not be together because she is a vampire.
There is more than vampires in this book. This is also werewolfs and other stuff


1. Introduction


The day before Cassie started her new school she stands looking out onto the beach from her 3 story house. Cassie is tall, has long black hair, green eyes and is a pretty caring person. Cassie also lives alone, not because she has no family but because she is different. When Cassie was 16 her parents died in a fire. She knew what would happen to herself so she decided to leave. But when Cassie turned 18 she no longer needed sleep, food or water, she could run for miles and miles within seconds and is as strong as a bull on a bad day. But the worst part of all is that he needs blood to survive. Yes, Cassie is a vampire.

But all that happen over 5000 years ago...

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