On another dimention.

Faith keeps dreaming of a different dimention, and a boy whom she fell in love with. After a couple nights with that dream she tries to go to that dimention and find her true love, but within that theirs a big price to pay.


1. unexplainable

Before sleeping faith always had a step by step plan of things she should do before she sleeps;

1) take a bath.

2) eat something

3) brush teath

4) brush hair

5) take a drink

6) go to the toilet

7) get comfy for bed.

She was the sort of person who loved to dream but was fair and always followed logic her motto was; if you cant explain it, see it , feel it, hear it or toutch it dosnt exsict. She had very good grades, an  A avridge. She loved science and chemistary, but it all changed on one summer night on the 20th of july, she had a weird dream, the next morning signs which happend in her dream became true, she had to break her rule and motto. She just coulnt explain this, but it was real.

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