Top 30 Crazy Things You Should Never Try!

Have you ever done any of these crazy things? Here are the Top 30 Crazy Things You Should Never Try! - If you have done these recently or before then you truly are a Fool! Find out if you have done any of this, then comment below on which ones you have done :D.


9. 9.The Tracking That Should Be Real!

Me: Tracking, hmm what does that mean?

Mum: well tracking is like dogs really

Me: What dogs?

Mum: The dogs that you know track things...

Me: Yeah... but what does tracking actually mean?

Mum: It means to find something by looking for it, like using a dog to follow a scent...

Me: Yeah but what does the other words mean?

Mum: Jeez, why do you ask so many questions hun?

Me: It's a hobby of mine, something to do in the spare time

Mum: sounds interesting now go to bed please...

Me: WAIT! what does these words mean!

Mum: You need serious help dear...

Me: really? why you calling me a deer

Nan: hello there, awwwww it's you my honey pig

Me: what the hell is a honey pig!

Mum & Nan: Looks like you must go tracking for your answers, ha ha ha ha

Me: What?, what? , what you mean?

Mum: nothing now run along deer


* Slams door *

Mum: If only he she listened right nan? ha ha ha

Nan: No, now go tracking for my husband!

Mum: But...

Nan: I'll teach the meaning of tracking, for now I'm going to track myself to sleep bye bye

Mum: DANG IT¬! -.-

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