Top 30 Crazy Things You Should Never Try!

Have you ever done any of these crazy things? Here are the Top 30 Crazy Things You Should Never Try! - If you have done these recently or before then you truly are a Fool! Find out if you have done any of this, then comment below on which ones you have done :D.


5. 5. Tracking The Can Do'ers

Me: father?

F: Yes honey?

Me: Is it possible that we can track the can do'ers?

F: I don't know if we can do?

Me: Your talking gibberish dad.

F: Can do'ers, who told you about these?

Me: It was on Animal Planet yesterday

F: ha ha ha ha, no that's...

Me: It's what! -.-

F: That wasn't about tracking can'doers, Your must of heard it wrong...

Me: No I didn't!

F: yeah you did look on this TV book it says it was about catapillars..

Me: Damn it! so no tracking new species called can'doers?

F: No not today ha ha ha ha, you could find some can'doers at competitions 

Me: really what do they look like?

F: Human eyes and human everything! They are the same race. They just boast about things...

Me: *Yawn* zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

F: oh dear, fallen asleep... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz 

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