Top 30 Crazy Things You Should Never Try!

Have you ever done any of these crazy things? Here are the Top 30 Crazy Things You Should Never Try! - If you have done these recently or before then you truly are a Fool! Find out if you have done any of this, then comment below on which ones you have done :D.


4. 4. Where Do Babies Come From?

I was only six years old when I asked my mum where do babies come from. She laughed and said go ask your father. So I did as I held a notebook in my hands and Mum closed the door while laughing loudly. After reaching father I asked him where do babies come from. He started sweating and moving his lips side to side and twisting them. Well dad? I said with a cute little babies voice. He told me it like this. 'Okay so there's a butterfly and a flower' Yeah get it son? I said yeah okay as I wrote down what he said. I then said but how are the babies made from a butterfly and a flower? He rolled his eyes as he said why do you ask so many questions and I just said DAD! so he continued where he left off. Okay so the Butterfly gets pollen from the flower.

Yeah so the butterfly goes in the flower yeah? I said yes dad and? he then said the butterfly would then get the pollen with it's feet by using it's feet inside the flower. Mum was peeking as she was ears dropping on our conversation as she laughed more. I then said dad, so butterflies use their feet to get the pollen?. He mumbled while saying no, maybe I'm explaining this wrong, Go ask mum or something or your brother. I said okay dad so I walked to mum and she laughed so much while pushing me out of her way. Plan B talk to my older brother Jake. So i asked Jake where do babies come from? He chuckled with red cheeks and said I'm doing my homework, I said please Jake. He then said okay, Babies come from the flying bird called the stork. Okay why couldn't someone of just said that in the first place!, okay now leave me alone Jake said and I said wait! how do babies get to houses? The baby gets to the house because the storks leave them on the doorsteps. That's not nice... he then slammed the door on me until I asked my mum again and she finally told me too much information. 

Me: Mum where do babies come from, please tell me...

Mum: Okay, well... well... when a mummy and daddy are in love, they hug and kiss each other-

Me: wait what about the stork?

Mum: Ha Ha! there is no stork, who told you that?

Me: Jake did, Mummy... 

Mum: No wonder, he has never had sex ha ha ha ha!

Me: what's sex?

Mum:... Fine! - It means when daddy puts his penis inside mummy's vagina

and that gives mummy a baby...

Me: Oh, but the other night I saw daddy putting his penis inside your mouth... what does that give you mummy?

Mum: It gives me Jewellery dear, It gives me Jewellery... -.- 

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