Top 30 Crazy Things You Should Never Try!

Have you ever done any of these crazy things? Here are the Top 30 Crazy Things You Should Never Try! - If you have done these recently or before then you truly are a Fool! Find out if you have done any of this, then comment below on which ones you have done :D.


3. 3. Asking For A World Record Chip

When I was six years old, my friends at school spoke about world records, until me and my big mouth said "I can break a record" as my friends laughed at me saying yeah sure you can. I said okay that does it! NAME A RECORD YOU WANT ME TO BEAT! I'LL SHOW YOU! I shouted then Carl my best friend said 'The worlds biggest chip!' I said okay I will do that tonight! no matter how long it takes! My mum wanted to play a trick on me since it was April fools day, so I let her throw a pie at me for fun and said we are equal right mum? she said yes as she walked away with a smile on her face. Then the very night I was asleep. I woke up with a chip underneath my pillow, It was the biggest chip I had ever seen! so I placed it in a box.. I then went back to bed before daylight. Mum secretly without me knowing switched the box with a computer box. I wondered why she would do this well I would of If i was awake when she did it. The next morning for show and tell I brought in the box and shown it to my friends, they took it off me with force and smashed it open as they pulled out the object and asked what it was to the teacher. The teacher laughed as the children said is this the worlds biggest chip? then she looked at it scanning it and said well No it isn't but it is an amazing chip thanks boys. She then ran off with it putting into her machine and was happy as larry while she left me and my friends puzzled...

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