Top 30 Crazy Things You Should Never Try!

Have you ever done any of these crazy things? Here are the Top 30 Crazy Things You Should Never Try! - If you have done these recently or before then you truly are a Fool! Find out if you have done any of this, then comment below on which ones you have done :D.


1. 1. Training Water

When I was younger I knew you could train a dog, so I thought what if you could train a object or something that don't have life. Then I watched T.V hoping for an idea until I saw that it had already been done. Still Water! someone shouted outside then I thought 'they have already trained water...' I felt stupid the day I thought of it... I then got a glass of water and told it to stay still, sadly it kept wobbling until I went to the fridge and froze it to keep it still, finally still water! after that I went to see my mum. She offered me some Still Water so I said no thanks I have some still water and pulled out a block of frozen water from my pocket. Placed it on the table to take a photo then it started moving, I cried for hours and hours. Until mum gave me a bottle called Still Water completely fresh from the bottles, I said no it's not still. She laughed at me... I still never understood why she laughed at me that day. Until I got to age 14, I then knew what it was... xD

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