Emily Smith feels like there is no hope after everyone found out about her dreams. It wasn't her fault that a ring magically appeared on her finger, right? But Emily soon finds out the ring holds more than what any girl should have to handle. A power, that should fade...


1. The Dream

I opened my eyes in a snow white room with no furniture. Only one door, a tinted black window, and me. I walked over and said, "Hello? Can anyone hear me?" Nothing. As soon as I turned around, something grabbed me by the waist and flung me across the room. I looked up to see an....octopus? That's sure what I'm seeing. Its arms stretched for me again but I managed to kick it off of me. I looked down at my hands for any hope and saw my ring. I instantly knew what to do. I closed my eyes and thought of a knife. I opened my eyes and a knife appeared in my hands. I lunged and threw in into the octopus. He fell back with a loud 'thump'. I held my hand out and the ring flew to my finger.
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