WoW: The Night Of The Blood Elves!

World Of Warcraft: The Night Of The Blood Elves Blizzard Productions The sky is dark and foggy with purple clouds striking each other in hatred, a storm is about to be born, Only it's the storm of the elves, Archers and the Night Elves are waiting for food to come by, as there camps and their supplies are limited, survival is the key to their Race. Nothing will be left as the Elves must get ready for the Ultimate Battle that will be a truly bloody display, Family & Friends they will loose, The risks of their survival is the riskiest risks of all time! Will they be able to take on all the other races through there terrible travels Find Out Now xxJessxx Blizzard World Of Warcraft Contest Entry. The Night Of The Blood Elves Cover Made By Jessica. Warning: This content may include, Blood & Violence & Deaths & Emotional sentences, Romance, Sex, Explicit language.


6. The True Dungeon Meaning!

'Help me someone, please save me...' my voice had no impact on anyone's heart. Probably because they are too scared on what could happen to them next. The sharp claws that pricked me in my flesh, as the princess relaxes on her throne. Fire and water mixed together creating never ending ashes to form on the damp ground. My eyes were now sore as a bloody red colour covered behind my eyes. It was like looking into my eyes strongly, warriors or queens or princesses?. Still being pulled by my crippled feet that had been covered in dirt and stinky slime. Orange peelings left on the ground were flowing in my mouth from the stream of water. Powerful bursts of air swooped into my mind, as I stopped trying to escape from their clutches. 

"Throw him into the dungeon, Shalak will deal with him" The princess had spoken with delight in her voice, as her mind corrupts slowly. It's true she was evil, the pure evil. The scariest most terrifying princess of the kingdoms. Skylance was where I last saw her, my family were farming crops with their iron gloves as they shoved boulders out of the home. Thats when I saw her, she was standing behind me with a sharp skeleton blade. The sharp edge that was formed from her hand was amazing. Her hair was short back then with the eyes of a night wolf, hunting it's prey. The dark scary look in her eyes reflected on me, as I could feel her inside of me. Her soul was killing me inside. On the outside I could feel drafts of cold air with burning flames rubbing against my feet. 

Sharp eyes she had back then, the deepest secrets were yet to come. She told me this when I agreed to help her save her mum the queen of my new kingdom. Sadly Death Wing got what he wanted, he had burnt the village. Scorched windmills laid at an angle as flames wrapped around our homes. The shadows that were formed looked impossible, the way they moved by them selves forming death clouds from above. Glowing red eyes stared into me, the stare that had taken my soul. Princess ran far away back to her kingdom leaving behind her blade, the blade I used to use is now dust. The dust that had taken away my life, the dust that had burnt down my village. Death Wing retrieved our queen and killed her in front of us, as he claimed his name on the sky towers.

That day it was all over for me and my family. Luckily we escaped... Sadly they died from him, he got vengeance on my mum and my dad. The sister that I once knew is dust. The memories are buried in ashes, swept away from my mind forever... 

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