WoW: The Night Of The Blood Elves!

World Of Warcraft: The Night Of The Blood Elves Blizzard Productions The sky is dark and foggy with purple clouds striking each other in hatred, a storm is about to be born, Only it's the storm of the elves, Archers and the Night Elves are waiting for food to come by, as there camps and their supplies are limited, survival is the key to their Race. Nothing will be left as the Elves must get ready for the Ultimate Battle that will be a truly bloody display, Family & Friends they will loose, The risks of their survival is the riskiest risks of all time! Will they be able to take on all the other races through there terrible travels Find Out Now xxJessxx Blizzard World Of Warcraft Contest Entry. The Night Of The Blood Elves Cover Made By Jessica. Warning: This content may include, Blood & Violence & Deaths & Emotional sentences, Romance, Sex, Explicit language.


4. The Rivals Of The Night!


Slithering through the old village's ruins was a dark hairy serpent. My hand was now pressed against the walls, as I swiftly scooped up some of the crushed bones. Jovak used to call it bone dust, used to make spells and twisted terrors. Summoning with force embraced in his fists. The terror of the night was the worst beast to be summoned, havoc and terror it brought to us. We called it the only threat, it was a name that was passed on years ago. Reeko was my king, he taught me how to prepare for what awaits me, to survive from the beasts of the air. The tales he had told me were super helpful, we always planted Darnassian seeds. The seeds that would be granted to the holy ones of the family.

Crawling back to the camp with my left leg covered in dirt. My eyes scrunched from the bright light that had been blazing out of the camp fire. Our queen was waiting patiently, I was still nothing but a hopeless slave. The chance of me getting with her would be zero. Kanrane was our new king, he seeks to help the queen, only this time he was eaten by the queen of the undead. The undead league is the terrors of the night, the horrible necromancers release demons into the atmosphere. They opened the hell gates from the abyss to release the hell fire. Cataclysm was the time where we all suffered the most. 

The massive, no gigantic! dragon of hell, they called him the Death Wing. Obliterating the skies of light, as hell and fire burns through to destroy the world. The storm wind towers is where he had struck first with his powerful wings destroying the ground we stand on. The demonic dragon had spoken; " pain... agony... my hatred burns through the cavernous deeps. The world heaves with my torment. It's wretched kingdoms quake beneath my rage!... But at last... The whole of Azeroth will break and tremor. All will burn beneath the shadow of my wings!..." The words that Death Wing used were too dangerous to be spoken ever again. 

Death Wing was the creature who was released through the cataclysm. My arm still has burns and scars where Death Wing had burnt me. My family were burnt beneath his wings, watching their distraught faces moan as their skin burns off slowly. Watching them suffer as a child, the blood that was gushed out of their eyes. Death Wing burnt our kingdoms to the core, hell was erupted and brought onto us. Too much impact had startled us, flames and lava surrounded us as I ran to get help. Turns out... I was too late... They were my family! my life savers, my only family... They were my guardians of light. 

I swore from that day forward that I would never mess with Death Wing again... He had got what he wanted, revenge and to bring hell to everyone who lived happily. The burning flames that were lightened in his eyes as his breathe burnt down my house. "are you okay?" what who said that... Queen is that you?... "Yes it's me, now slave! get here at once!..." Yes my queen, I shall serve your every command my madam. "Good to see that, now get to work!" Yes my queen of darkness... She now had me under a spell, only it wasn't a spell. It was something that only her charms could grant her. "Slave get here and polish my throne while I whip you" 'That's going to hurt' Okay my queen... The thought of being whipped by her is just an every day event for some slaves. For me it was a once in a life time opportunity...

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