WoW: The Night Of The Blood Elves!

World Of Warcraft: The Night Of The Blood Elves Blizzard Productions The sky is dark and foggy with purple clouds striking each other in hatred, a storm is about to be born, Only it's the storm of the elves, Archers and the Night Elves are waiting for food to come by, as there camps and their supplies are limited, survival is the key to their Race. Nothing will be left as the Elves must get ready for the Ultimate Battle that will be a truly bloody display, Family & Friends they will loose, The risks of their survival is the riskiest risks of all time! Will they be able to take on all the other races through there terrible travels Find Out Now xxJessxx Blizzard World Of Warcraft Contest Entry. The Night Of The Blood Elves Cover Made By Jessica. Warning: This content may include, Blood & Violence & Deaths & Emotional sentences, Romance, Sex, Explicit language.


3. The Night Storm!


Gathered around the burning camp fire, with a blaze of light boiling the atmosphere. The queen had chosen her slave for the night, It was me. I never expected it to be me, I love her slavery for her would be a chance to be with her. However it would be a living haunting nightmare for someone else. The lunar moon was glowing brightly, reflecting the rays of dull light onto the queens misty eyes. 'Ganvon!' The queen shouted with a grouchy voice, yes my lady? I had replied with force throttling my throat. 'Call me mistress slave!' she had whispered with a loud voice ending her sentence. Yes my mistress, what can I do for you? I had asked her with the queens guardians standing beside her. 'You will hunt me a midnight snack!' she shouted as howling winds brushed against my devastated face. Her long hair rubbed against her cute nose, as she let out a minor sneeze.

Bless you mistress, 'shut up slave!, get me a midnight feast'. She whipped my back with her long leafy sharp vine whip. She called this her nature whip, the whip that mother nature would use. I never understood what she meant by this, did she mean that mother nature whips random minions?. Her whip slash felt so painful, she told me to enjoy it since her other slaves did. The sensation of being whipped is truly amazing, a slave had said this to me before when I was on duty. Having to go out in the darkness hunting for rabbits or villagers that are alone or abandoned. The smile on her face was beautiful more beautiful than the scars she had left on my back. Her guardian grabbed me with the solid rubble gloves that slammed slaves into squished meat. Get off, 'no you will return when you have the queens feast' the guardian said with a deep godly voice. I never knew that the queen could be so evil until now...

Walking out of the shallow light that was lighting up the camp. I felt alone, lost and vanquished forever, darkness was covering the entire world. The best thing about the queen was that she could see through darkness, her bright eyes would shine light onto us. Her father still wanted her to join the Night Elves, she resisted as she spoke true words to his crippled ear. 'I will have you as my slave father, if you do not leave at once!' I could hear shouting near the camp, they were still arguing with each-other. Remembering that I can't return until I have the queens feast was petrifying. The thoughts of returning with nothing haunted me, until I reached a old village. The dusty roads that laid ahead were covered in soaked up rain. Feeling the cold winds swallow my gulps with every second remaining of my life. The threats that the villagers could never bring to us were no greater than our threats to them. 

The village was small, looked abandoned from the outside. Old walls that had been smashed by something heavy, windows without glass half broken. The doors looked badly beaten up, the handle had been ripped off by a massive jaw. The markings of dried up blood that must of lingered for a long time. Cupboards that had rotten fruit inside was mustered on the slushy wet ground. Busted in box's were snapped hanging on a spear. Burning smells were swollen by my fateful mouth. Darkness hadn't cleared as I could see inside of the crumbled villager's houses. Rain had pelted on the ground bouncing on to the wooden spoons. Drips of yellow liquid was forming puddles around the village. Bad smells were all around, some skulls could be seen from a mile away. Corpses lying on the burnt hay as tiny flames melted the skin. Sharp daggers could be seen on top of the dusty roofs. The queen must have a feast!...

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