WoW: The Night Of The Blood Elves!

World Of Warcraft: The Night Of The Blood Elves Blizzard Productions The sky is dark and foggy with purple clouds striking each other in hatred, a storm is about to be born, Only it's the storm of the elves, Archers and the Night Elves are waiting for food to come by, as there camps and their supplies are limited, survival is the key to their Race. Nothing will be left as the Elves must get ready for the Ultimate Battle that will be a truly bloody display, Family & Friends they will loose, The risks of their survival is the riskiest risks of all time! Will they be able to take on all the other races through there terrible travels Find Out Now xxJessxx Blizzard World Of Warcraft Contest Entry. The Night Of The Blood Elves Cover Made By Jessica. Warning: This content may include, Blood & Violence & Deaths & Emotional sentences, Romance, Sex, Explicit language.


5. Scratching The Surface Of The Queen!


The once in a life time opportunity was almost over. Knowing now that it is almost morning, the queen told me to stop polishing as soon as possible. After I had finished I went to get my reward from the queen's daughter. "You must go visit my daughter for your reward slave" the queen had shouted with darkness pulling her words towards me. Shadows that were simulating on the ground, as flames launched up wards into the sky. The queen's daughter is most likely going to want me as her slave. Bearing the thought in my mind, I decided to go visit her since I had no choice... Approaching her kingdom was difficult, flames were spread out near her slaves. Bloody spears were all held by guards, the thought of running away from her would be a mistake. Walking slowly with two guards poking me with sharp twigs, "keep walking peasant!" the guard had shouted with a ferocious voice. 

Having to keep walking with two guards behind me as I got closer to her throne. Princess Elegant was her nickname, she calls herself that since she wants to feel special. Hearing the same words over again, "Princess!" my ears began to burn from too many of the same words. The sharp twig had stabbed right into my sore back, holding the yelp in was harder. I could feel tiny drops of blood circle the womb, as the guard kicked me with his heavy boots. "Bring him here" the princess shouted with rage in her deadly voice. The stench of rotting meat could be smelt from a mile away, along with old skulls encrusted in her throne. 'The thought of escaping her became thinner' the guards now grabbed me by my shoulders. Pulling tightly as I could feel one them pinching me roughly. I could now see the princess perfectly. 

Her dark black and purple hood that she has taken off. The dried blood on her lips, her breathe smelt divine though. The sharpness in her stabbing teeth, the thought of them clashing together startled me. Bone crunching was the best word to describe her teeth. "Who are you slave?" the princess shouted with a loud voice. 'I am the..." being interrupted by the princess ruining my sentence. "You are my slave!" she shouted as other slaves crowded near a burning flame. The moans and cries for help that I could barely hear were haunting me. My mind was spinning from fear and emotions for the queen. I had it in me to speak to her with force. "No!, I am here because of your mother" I shouted with a holy loud voice. "Silence!, you are my slave now come closer!" she had ignored me with nothing else to say to me, a reply would of been nice. 

Her dark grievous hood was lying on the cracked dusty skulls. Showers of blood and tears could be felt inside of me. The guards surrounded me with their sharp bone swords slicing my left arm with power. 'Ouch' the pain was too much for me, as the princess laughed with deadly strong voice. Other slaves looked worried, wondering why they were worried was easy to figure out. The distraught look on their poor faces were trapped inside my mind. "Get rid of him at once!" the princess had shouted as her teeth clashed together. Back at our camp the queen got impatient before she relaxed. The slime that had been left on the floor by the monsters around me was disgusting. Being dragged by my swollen feet as my head chipped off the sharp rocks. Covered in slime as I was still being dragged away from the throne. I wondered what else she had in mind for me...

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