WoW: The Night Of The Blood Elves!

World Of Warcraft: The Night Of The Blood Elves Blizzard Productions The sky is dark and foggy with purple clouds striking each other in hatred, a storm is about to be born, Only it's the storm of the elves, Archers and the Night Elves are waiting for food to come by, as there camps and their supplies are limited, survival is the key to their Race. Nothing will be left as the Elves must get ready for the Ultimate Battle that will be a truly bloody display, Family & Friends they will loose, The risks of their survival is the riskiest risks of all time! Will they be able to take on all the other races through there terrible travels Find Out Now xxJessxx Blizzard World Of Warcraft Contest Entry. The Night Of The Blood Elves Cover Made By Jessica. Warning: This content may include, Blood & Violence & Deaths & Emotional sentences, Romance, Sex, Explicit language.


8. Back Out Of The Fire!

My words were intoxicating, as I took my last breathe. Rattling the words out of my lips, feeling the cold breeze brush against me. The blood blade was the weapon tied to a slave's back. Not much had been spoken about these terrible threats. 'Mum' I shouted again, I felt like I was living an illusion. The more painful it became to move, the more I yelped for help. Death Wing's eyes reflected in my mind. The dark fiery breathe blurred my eyes. 'Dad?' I kept on calling for my family. I must be insane, as my lips burned from the screams echoing in my mind. The witch-crafted results that lead to death for me. I could feel Death Wing stabbing me with his claws. The wings that shadowed over me, while I tried to block it all out. Nothing made sense to me any-more, as I took another breathe. 

Several seconds later it got worse. My eyes boiled inside of my firmly shut eyelids. The bite from hell was munching on my flesh. I could even feel the burning flames melt my insides. Slowly moving away from the gate, stepping in blood puddles.The dirt that lingered on the ground, I could feel the grim reaper get closer and closer. The scythe was now in his hands. The words he had spoken, 'Immortal' I could hear them ruining my ears. The death scream just came back to haunt me once again. Breaking my mind off the wall, I felt the pain from my illusions. This was crazy, how could I feel the pain?. Too questions lay ahead of me, without me knowing what could come next. I approached a corpse, it was just lying there with blood drooling from the brain. I could see the bones oozing out. Now that's impossible right? wrong, Death Wing's behind this. The sight of looking at the corpse made me think of my family...

Trying to block out the past I searched through the old robe. The robe that the corpse was wearing. The musty smell was all over the man's clothes, I could feel death bringing me closer. The man's eyes just slid out of his eye-sockets, drooling down his lips to his hollow chin. The chains that rattled from the outrageous winds from outside. Inside the man's ripped left pocket was dried up blood. I could see a ripped old book that was trapped inside the pocket. Slowly grabbing the book with my startled hands. Bring it closer to my eye level, the thought of what is in this book haunted me again. I could feel hell unleashing a new brand, the beast is unleashed I whispered...

Inside the book was little message, It had read.

Dear Diary, (The date is unknown)

I travelled through the old jungle yesterday, wondering when my family will come to save me. The stroll made me think of things. The things that could be impossible to imagine, the birds were sweet as they tweeted while I walked. Yes it was a glorious day for me, my mother's birthday is today. I love seeing her smile when she opens my lovely presents. It truly comes from the heart...

- Unknown -

Why is this diary so short?. There must be more to this...



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